Game of Thrones is ending, but this is how it SHOULD end

Game of Thrones Season 8 -- photo: Helen Sloan/HBO -- Acquired via HBO Media Relations Site
Game of Thrones Season 8 -- photo: Helen Sloan/HBO -- Acquired via HBO Media Relations Site /

There is a lot of uproar about the rushed writing of the final Game of Thrones season. Here’s an attempt to wrap up the finale in an appealing manner.

Many are upset with the final season of Game of Thrones. Warning: There are spoilers ahead, and if you’re not a fanatic who is ready for the finale, turn back now.

There are odd gaffes like the coffee cup and the magically regrown hand. There are oddities like the suddenly replenished Dothraki horde and the ridiculous weapons killing a dragon. And don’t even get me started on the unsatisfying death via brick for Cersei. Let’s end Game of Thrones in style.

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The setup

Post King’s Landing massacre, where there was senseless violence that upset everyone, the major characters of the show need to have a come to Jesus moment. Obviously, they’re all going to call Daenerys to task, because not only did she murder thousands, but she also seemed to enjoy it a bit. If her father was the Mad King, she might be the Sadist Queen.

No matter what anyone says to her, she’s going to be convinced she did the right thing. Her murderous spree was justified. And she’ll defy absolutely anyone to tell her otherwise. Especially with a dragon by her side.

Jon Snow will act as white knight in this scenario. At first, he’ll try to reason with Daenerys, but she’ll have none of it. Eventually, there will have to be the discussion about who will take the throne. Despite saying he doesn’t want it, Jon will have to accept his true Aegon Targaryen bloodlines after seeing what Daenerys did to King’s Landing. That’s when he’ll hatch his plan.


In the previous episode, Daenerys spoke of betrayal. Well, she hasn’t seen anything yet. With Drogon and Grey Worm flanking her sides, she knows she’s virtually unstoppable. Jon knows this as well. So does Tyrion, who is undoubtedly pleading alongside Jon. Again, however, Drogon sits nearby, with his orange-tinted eyes wide open, and erect green spikes connected by orange webbing that threaten impending fire.

Drogon knows Jon. Trusts Jon. He’s a Targaryen after all. He’s ridden another dragon. That’s why Jon will have to be the one to get close to Drogon and kill the mighty beast. There can be no other way to get to Daenerys realistically. With no dragons, the playing field is leveled.

Drogon trusts Aegon. After all, Aegon is trusted by Daenerys and he has ridden another dragon. This allows Jon to get close enough to ambush Drogon, plunging his sword into the dragon and mortally wounding it.

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Mexican Standoff

With the bloody backdrop of a dying Drogon behind them, Grey Worm jumps forward to defend his shocked and bereaved Queen, who is no doubt enraged and threatening to kill Jon Snow. This is not her trusty confidant; this is her “child.”

Jon wants to finish the job on the dragon, but Dany grabs a sword and jumps forward to defend. That puts her in front of the dying dragon and pointing her sword at Jon Snow. Meanwhile, her former lover is ready to send the sword down into Drogon for the coup de grâce, and maybe attack her afterward. Grey Worm is the third part of the triangle, ready to kill Jon to protect Daenerys. On the outskirts is Tyrion, tickled pink at the prospect of Daenerys without her dragon, but acting as the sole voice of reason in the situation.

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Watch Game of Thrones on HBO with a FREE 7-day trial of Amazon Channels! /

The ending

Jon rushes Drogon and thrusts his sword downward into Drogon’s throat, causing blood to gush everywhere. A second quick swipe guts Dany, spilling organs just as she weakly stabs him. Almost instantaneously, Grey Worm thrusts his spear into Jon’s chest. Jon retaliates by beheading Grey Worm. Jon dies with the same look he had when resurrected, and a mortally wounded Dany crawls to her wheezing dragon. Everyone dies or is dying as Tyrion escapes the room in all the madness.

The aftermath

Tyrion runs into the streets of King’s Landing to relay the news. He’s complicit in plenty of wrongdoing but had no hand in the three-way murder that just occurred. Nonetheless, the Unsullied surround Tyrion, essentially arresting him for what they believe is their queen’s murder.

Ultimately, cooler heads prevail and a ruler has to be named. Since the Targaryen bloodline is ended, the rightful heir ascends to the throne. All hail King Gendry Baratheon. And since King Gendry will want a Queen, he extends the marriage proposal to Arya once more. Since she said she’s not lady material, this upgrade suits her just fine.


Paging Mr. Quentin Tarantino. Thank you for lending your incredible movie Reservoir Dogs as a way to save the beloved Game of Thrones series.

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Game of Thrones ends this Sunday on HBO.