Cargo follows a selfish man pursuing his dream at the expense of others

Cargo is a story about a struggling fisherman in the Bahamas who begins smuggling immigrants to make cash. It is inspired by true events.

Best Ever Film presents Cargo a story about a struggling fisherman in the Bahamas who winds up transporting Haitians halfway to America for quick cash. Directed by Kareem Mortimer, the film does an amazing job of making you sympathize with the lead character, before they completely destroy him before your eyes.

At the start of the film we meet Kevin (Warren Brown) as he is out on a barely fruitful fishing trip. He seems like a mild-mannered and likeable guy from the early interactions we see. When he goes home we find out about his struggles. His wife has fallen out of love with him, his mother has dementia, and he’s struggling to pay for his son’s school.

It’s obvious to viewers that he’s just barely holding it together. We also learn that he has a gambling problem and that he did something in his past to put himself in this position in the first place.

Eventually, a guy who works at the place where he gambles approaches him with a proposition and he ends up agreeing to ferry people halfway to America. He’s nervous at first but once it gets going he starts getting way too full of himself. Things in his life seem to be taking a turn for the better, but when that changes, we meet the real Kevin.


Cargo has a strong cast. Led by Warren Brown (Luther), the film also stars Persia White (The Vampire Diaries), Omar Dorsey (Queen Sugar), and Jimmy Jean-Louis (Claws). White plays the disappointed wife, Dorsey the best friend, and Jean-Louis plays one of the people trying to immigrate to America.

Why you should watch

What I enjoyed about this movie was the way that it developed Kevin’s character. He is introduced as a guy who is down on his luck and cares about his family. When the movie begins you start to be saddened by all that he is going through. Again, he seems like a nice guy and you just want to see him win.

When the opportunity is presented to him you’re worried because, again, he seems like a nice guy and you don’t want to see him get in trouble. Then you learn that he isn’t taking them the whole way to America and you feel a lot better about the chances of him being fine legally. However, when he starts to get money he starts to act differently.

He does do some good things with the money that improve his home life, but he also starts to have an affair. This is our first sign to tell us that he’s not the man he seemed to be. Before you know it, things get dramatically worse.

I’m doing my best not to spoil the movie but it takes a very sharp turn from there that will completely change how you view his character. One that I didn’t see coming and truly makes the movie.

Cargo - Jimmy Jean-Louis

Cargo – Jimmy Jean-Louis via October Coast PR


I really did enjoy this movie. It kept me guessing, has some very suspenseful moments, and quality performances from the main cast. While it does go to a dark place, it doesn’t leave you there. Cargo is a good look at the things people go through trying to improve their lives or pursue the life that they think they are supposed to be living.

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This movie is also inspired by true events.

Cargo hits theaters on May 30th.