Game of Thrones: 5 biggest WTF moments from the series finale

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Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke photo HBO Medium /
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Game of Thrones finale
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Jon Snow was imprisoned

The first thing I said when we were told Jon Snow had been imprisoned was that it wouldn’t have happened. Whoever found Jon in the Throne Room alone except for a melted chair and a bloodstain was that Jon would have been killed on the spot.

There’s no way the Dothraki or Unsullied would have imprisoned Jon Snow. I could understand them keeping Tyrion as prisoner as he hadn’t committed the type of treason that would make them bloodthirsty and Dany’s last orders for him were to imprison him. However, there were no orders about Jon Snow. The Dothraki and Unsullied would have gone back to their old ways.

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Confirmation that Cersei and Jaime were killed

Anyone else feel a little disappointed that it was a pile of rubble that killed Cersei and Jaime. Okay, it wasn’t just that it was rubble but that it didn’t have to be. For one, they could have remained in the map room and they would have been fine. But I get they didn’t know that so they tried to escape.

In the basements, they could have survived. Just meters to the side was no rubble at all. Tyrion walked through a big gap, meaning the two could have survived the mess. That just didn’t sit right with me.

This is where a longer season would have been better. I wished we got to see Dany imprison them and give them a just ending for the roles they’ve both played over the years.