Watch Aladdin: Now playing in theaters

Aladdin via WB Media Pass
Aladdin via WB Media Pass /

Is watching Aladdin, starring Will Smith and Naomi Scott, part of your movie plans this weekend? It is now playing in theaters!

The very controversial movie, Aladdin, has been through quite the journey to reach theaters. Since the plans to create a live action film of the timeless classic tale of Aladdin and his blue genie was announced, fans of the original had doubts.

Fans questioned Will Smith’s involvement, mostly in favor, but how would it work? Who would be the cast? Immediately, the public demanded the appropriate cast due to a recent the whitewash in movies controversy. And when the first images surfaced, forget about it! Fans lost it.

Why isn’t genie blue? Once he was blue, however, fans hated it anyway. No one was ever content with the work shown and someone was always sure to complain. That seems to be happening a lot lately, though, not just in the movie business.

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Alas, the movie Aladdin is here whether you are ready or not! The question is — will you be watching it in theaters this weekend? Chances are you might, at least just to see what all the buzz is about.

So far, Aladdin has a 59% Rotten Tomatoes score from critics, which is only 1% away from being a Fresh score. This isn’t too bad considering all the negative feedback it initially received. We’ll have to check back after a day of the movie being out.

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Although the movie has a Friday, May 24, release date, early showings of the movie begin this evening on Thursday, may 23. Check Fandango or Atom for movie times and locations near you.

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In addition to Will Smith and Naomi Scott, Aladdin also stars Mena Massoud, Nasim Pedrad, Marwan Kenzari, Billy Magnussen and others. If you watch the movie, come back to let us know what you thought about it!