Game of Thrones finale sadness? 6 reasons you will think Vikings is cool(er)

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Battle of Winterfell
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Do you have Game of Thrones finale rage? Its obvious cousin, Vikings, has a lot to offer and can definitely scratch your itch.

First, let me make sure you know that while I will try to preserve actual plot and events in case you haven’t seen one or the other, there will be visual and contextual spoilers for both Game of Thrones and Vikings in this post. If you are not caught up, proceed with caution!

One quick search online for Vikings and Game of Thrones in the same sentence will reveal tons of results. This is because it’s common agreement that the two shows are incredibly similar in nature. But if you ask me, one of them vividly outshines the other.

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If you have been watching Game of Thrones, you were probably one of the boatload of people who felt letdown, bummed, even betrayed by the ending of the series. Even if you give it props and thought it was perfect, you are surely sad it’s over. I am one of the people who is feeling some GoT sadness from lots of angles.

Shortly before GoT came to an end, I picked up on the show Vikings. For me, this was a totally independent act with no knowledge of the similarities. As I watched, it was only a quick moment before I started to see one show written all over the other. Since I was loving Game of Thrones for its own story and visual amazement, Vikings was fast to become my new binge.

As time went on, I loved it more and more. Soon enough, Game of Thrones was coming to a true end and we were all going to hit the floor with our thoughts about how it all went down and what to do with our lives now. Well, I was not as dissatisfied as some, but I think this is because I have my other, beautiful story to follow.

In my opinion, Vikings has all the glory of Game of Thrones. Let me give you a handful of examples of what I’m talking about. If you’re suffering from Game of Thrones letdown, for one reason or another, I hope you will think about moving to Vikings to dry your eyes. I promise you won’t be disappointed!