Only 10% of fans satisfied with Game of Thrones finale, TV Time reports

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TV Time’s latest poll is in for the Game of Thrones finale, and the numbers aren’t looking great!

TV Time is our go to site and app that brings us the latest on what TV viewers are binging and looking forward to watching on TV. Last week, Lucifer was the most binge-watched series and we’re wondering if Game of Thrones will take the throne this week, with its finale now out.

The most viewed programs is not all TV Time reports, though. The most recent poll the TV tracking app conducted is how fans feel about the Game of Thrones finale. The number are in and the results are rather clear: Fans are overall not too pleased with how the series concluded.

Let’s have a look at the results, below! 

More than 32,000 fans have voted (so far, so numbers can definitely change in favor or against GoT):

Pretty Satisfied: 14%
Very Satisfied: 10%
Somewhat Satisfied: 30%
Disappointed: 46%

It appears, at least from those who participated in the poll, nearly half of the show’s audience weren’t happy with the finale. A large percentage of audiences (30%) had mixed feelings. Place me in the “Somewhat Satisfied” category.

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While I enjoyed most of the events in the final episodes, what I didn’t like is far too big to ignore. To name a few things: Cersei’s disappointing death, Jaime’s arc, and the rushed six episodes. However, when it comes to the series as a whole, I give it a “Very Satisfied” vote.

Game of Thrones is still one of the greatest series of all-time. The first several seasons are too amazing and groundbreaking to not take into consideration. My Sunday nights will never be the same.

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