3 major questions that Ma leaves unanswered

Ma movie courtesy Universal Pictures
Ma movie courtesy Universal Pictures /

Octavia Spencer’s campy horror film, Ma, released in theaters last weekend but it left three important questions unanswered by the movie’s ending.

Critics and audiences may be torn about whether or not Ma was a good movie but one thing is hardly arguable, Octavia Spencer rocked it. She elevated the material far above the script. Personally, I had a great time seeing Ma in theaters and I loved the campy and hilarious turns the film took. I wish it had gone a little more over the top but it’s a film I won’t soon forget.

However, when I left the theater I realized there were three pretty important questions that never got answered.

3. What happened to Louie the dog?

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Louie is the dog belonging to Maggie and her mother Erica. He is tended to by Sue Ann at the vet. She even visits their house under the guise of checking on his welfare, though we all know her intentions were far more nefarious than that. In reality, she wanted to intimidate Maggie and find a way to steal Louie’s blood.

Why? So she could inject his blood into Ben through an IV since Ben is a dog. I guess it all makes sense in her head. Anyways, the last we see of Louie is on the living room floor as Maggie cradles him. His breathing is slow and he is bleeding heavily after Sue Ann is done with him.

Erica goes to call Sue Ann and Maggie stops her. After that, we don’t see or hear about Louie again! We never get confirmation on whether or not the pooch is okay. In my mind, he made a full and brilliant recovery because I really love dogs a lot, okay?

Ma movie courtesy Universal Pictures /

2. Did the pastor’s daughter escape?

The pastor’s daughter is a party staple who pretends to fall asleep early so she can avoid getting drunk and pissing off her dad. It seems like way too much work. Why doesn’t she skip the parties altogether? Plus, for some reason, Sue Ann decides to kidnap her too even though she doesn’t really fit into her vendetta. Then again, neither did some of the other kids in Maggie’s friend group.

Either way, she was a minor side character who got roped into the grand finale. She attempts to escape at one point and Sue Ann gives her a beat down. Then, we never see her again. Did she burn up in Ma’s basement?

Mind you, I’ve only seen the film once. It’s possible she could have escaped and I missed it but I don’t recall seeing her make it out once Erica and Stu arrived. I guess now she doesn’t have to fake being asleep.

1. Was that really Luke Evans’s penis?

THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS IMPORTANT QUESTION. Like Ben Affleck in Gone Girl and Chris Pine in Outlaw King, we all need to know if that was really Luke Evans’s penis that Ma was going to cut off. He’s spared the castration at the final moment (though he still dies with dog blood in his system). Yes, the scene plays out in all its glory, she even gets a hand around it!

But was it Luke’s or his well-endowed body double? Sadly to all the red-blooded Evans fans out there, we may never know. But the actor sure is having fun playing coy on his social media.

If you haven’t seen Ma yet, I highly recommend it. It may not be a top-notch horror film but it’s unlike any I’ve seen before. Spencer’s performance is reason enough to check it out. See if you can spot the answer to any of these vital questions I might have missed!

Here’s the official trailer for Ma:

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Did you watch Ma in theaters? What did you think of the movie? Were there any other questions nagging at you after the credits rolled? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Ma is now playing in theaters