In the Dark Season 1, Episode 11 recap: Felix reaches his breaking point

A somber new episode of In the Dark reminds us of the toll Tyson’s murder is taking on Murphy and every relationship in her life.

If you thought last week’s episode of In the Dark was a sad one, wait until you watch episode eleven. We’re getting down to the final hour of season one and things are getting far more twisted than I anticipated.

For Murphy, her life is falling apart in all departments. Her dependable best friend needs a break from her tormented obsession with Tyson’s death, her boyfriend is on the run from a deadly drug dealer who just got out of jail, and to top it all off – everything we thought we knew about Tyson’s murder is wrong.

The way back

Waking up in a boat as it washes up against a shore in the middle of nowhere is scary enough for anyone, but especially for Murphy who is blind and abandoned without her phone. Max didn’t have much of a choice, given the situation. Pretzel is her only saving grace. Together Murphy and Pretzel make their way back to civilization, mistakenly traipsing through a hunting ground along the way.

Back in town, Murphy doesn’t waste time trying to find Max. She recruits Jess to accompany her to Max’s ex-girlfriend’s house. He made a phone call from her place the night before. One minute with Jenny Dickens and it becomes apparent Max has a type. Jenny explains some somber news about Max’s mother, who was an alcoholic. Jenny thinks he seeks out other addicts so he can take care of them. Murphy is clearly uncomfortable with the conversation.

When it becomes clear Max isn’t coming back to Jenny’s house, Jess and Murphy clear out to a local bar. Lo and behold, Max shows up. He and Murphy share a sweet hug.

The tender reunion between the couple doesn’t last long because Murphy gets arrested! How? Felix reaches his last straw when it comes to Murphy’s mistreatment.

While imprisoned, Murphy and jess have a difficult conversation about the direction of their friendship. Jess thinks Jenny was right about Murphy being an addict. She’s addicted to Tyson’s case to the detriment of all her friendships and Jess doesn’t want to enable her anymore. For now, their friendship has to be over.

In the Dark

In The Dark — “I Woke Up Like This”  — Pictured: Casey Diedrick as Max — Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Felix can’t cut the check

Backing up to the beginning of the episode, while Murphy is searching for Max, Felix is dealing with an audit check courtesy of his mother. If the man she sent over doesn’t approve of Felix’s investment in Guiding Hope, then he’ll be cut off for good.

Needless to say, it’s not a good time for Murphy to coax Jess into stealing the company van for their Max-hunt.

Felix gets off to a terrible start with the auditor. First because of the van fiasco, and then by accidentally creeping out a woman who had a litter of puppies to be taken and trained by Guiding Hope. The entire check-in is abysmal, and Felix’s mother reacts by cutting the cord.

His anger towards Murphy is warranted, although I’m not sure why he got Jess arrested too considering their newfound friendship.

In the Dark

In The Dark — “I Woke Up Like This” — Pictured (L-R): Rich Sommer as Dean and Saycon Sengbloh as Jules — Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The Tyson case takes another twist

Turns out, Murphy was right all along about Darnell not having anything to do with Tyson’s death. Even worse, Wesley didn’t either, meaning the case is back to square one. Jules discovers this after she witnesses security footage of someone planting evidence that implicates Darnell.

The good news for Jules is she now has Dean on her side. She finally comes clean about the truth of her relationship with Darnell after learning the prosecution intends to move forward with his case. Dean agrees to help her figure out who framed Darnell.

Everyone better move quick, in the last moments of the episode we see Nia walking out of prison. Without Max around to testify, there’s nothing keeping her in there.

Odds & Ends

  • This was one of the heaviest episodes yet. The scenes between Jess/Murphy and Max/Murphy were particularly upsetting. You have to wonder if Murphy will be able to fix the relationships in her life once all this is settled or if too much damage has been done.

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