Grand Hotel: 5 curveballs from Season 1, Episode 3

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Grand Hotel

GRAND HOTEL – “Curveball” – (ABC/Richard Cartwright) FELIZ RAMIREZ, LINCOLN YOUNES

The mysteries of Grand Hotel continue to grow. Alicia and Gigi find a way to work together and a shocking secret about Beatriz comes out.

“Curveball” is an apt name for the third hour of Grand Hotel. Alicia gets a shock when she misreads a situation between Danny and Carolina, Santiago defends his son for once, and even Gigi and Alicia manage to work together. Plus, Danny makes a startling discovery about Sky in his investigation into her disappearance.

I’ll admit, I’m a little disappointed we didn’t find out more about Beatriz. Based on the promo for the episode I expected additional scenes beyond the small snippet tacked on to the episode’s end. Maybe I just really love seeing Eva Longoria on my television screen again.

For an episode all about curveballs, I figured it was fitting to recap some of the biggest ones.

5. Sky and Ingrid used to be roommates.

Ingrid has been driving Sky’s car and using her credit card. Why? Because the two were roommates and they were close enough to use each other’s things. They looked out for one another. Ingrid even paid Sky’s rent when she was short.

Danny tries to sneak into Ingrid’s apartment after learning this but the night doesn’t play out in his favor. Instead, he falls into the hands of Carolina who has set her sights on Danny.

She gets drunk and he’s forced to get her home safely. As these things typically go, Carolina tries to unbutton Danny’s shirt. Alicia just so happens to walk by when he’s leaving Carolina’s suite, fixing his top. She assumes the worst. It looks like their blossoming relationship may hit the brakes this time next week.

Back to the Ingrid/Sky scenario, while Danny doesn’t get a chance to peruse the apartment, Jason does. He walks Ingrid home and they hear a thump in Sky’s old bedroom. When Jason goes to investigate he gets knocked out cold with a vase.

Danny gets punched in the face over this since Jason assumes it was him. I mean, Danny did say he was going to break in. But it wasn’t him. So who was it?

We don’t find that out this week but we do see Danny discover a part of a love letter in the window. Whoever it was going through a lot of trouble to get it back.

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