Big Little Lies: 5 pressing questions we have after Season 2, Episode 5

Big Little Lies - Photo Courtesy of HBO Media Relations
Big Little Lies - Photo Courtesy of HBO Media Relations /

Someone is ready to admit to the truth about Perry’s death! Catch up on all the important moments from Big Little Lies right here.

The end is nigh for the Monterey Five. Celeste’s involvement with a court case is going to shine the spotlight on Perry’s death. How will this group of women keep their lies in order as the second season of Big Little Lies begins to wind down?

Tonight’s episode left us with plenty of questions. Are the writers anticipating a third season? With so many huge plotlines still unresolved, it’s hard to imagine they can wrap all of them up conclusively with only two episodes left.

5. Will Mary Louise get custody of the boys?

Mary Louise is truly a piece of work. I’m disappointed they cut the scene of Madeline throwing an ice cream cone at her. I’m not sure if that scene was ever intended to be part of the episode, but I remember seeing the photos of Reese online. If it wasn’t, it should have been.

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From her snarky comment about Abigail going to college to her judgment of Renata’s skill as a mother, Mary Louise is a full-on savage.

Celeste is bearing the brunt of her poison as she goes for her jugular, Celeste’s children. Mary Louise and her lawyer offer a joint custody arrangement that would leave Celeste with her sons during the weekdays and with their grandmother on the weekends, but Celeste is adamant about not giving up her kids at all.

I’m not sure if that was the wisest decision because now she could lose total custody of the twins in the courtroom, especially if the truth of Perry’s death comes to light or if Celeste continues taking late-night Ambien drives.

Big Little Lies
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4. Is Ed going to cheat on Madeline?

Look, I understand Madeline is the one who had an affair, but Ed is making it so difficult to feel bad for him. He’s a jerk to everyone. Ed doesn’t appear to want to work on his marriage or leave Madeline. It’s like he’s stuck in a marital purgatory and wants to drag everyone down with him.

To his credit, he does join Madeline for a getaway for them to try to work on their marriage. Madeline explains why she cheated and takes responsibility for her actions. She doesn’t blame Ed for it.

None of that stops him from entertaining Tori at the bar by episode’s end. I knew there was a reason they introduced Tori in the episode, and this is why. She’s meant to be a temptation for Ed. Is he going to turn her down and realize he wants to work on getting back on track with Madeline? Or will he take the bait as a form of petty revenge?

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3. Who is going to drown?

Every main character on this series is drowning in the metaphorical sense. In the literal sense, someone drowning has been teased and foreshadowed since the season premiere.

Will someone drown by a tragic accident? Will someone be murdered again? All signs point to Bonnie. It was her mother who perceived the warning. It was her mother who continues to say Bonnie is drowning.

It’s not a coincidence that this episode ended with several main characters out in the water, between Celeste, Jane, and the boys kayaking and Renate and Amabella swimming, never has a playful montage turned ominous so fast.

Big Little Lies
Big Little Lies – Photo Courtesy of HBO Media Relations /

2. What is the deal with Bonnie’s mother?

Speaking of Elizabeth, we find out a disturbing truth about Bonnie’s past. Through flashbacks, we see that Bonnie was emotionally, and possibly physically, abused by her mother as a child. She blames her dad for not doing enough to protect her.

When Elizabeth finally wakes up after having her stroke, she has one request for Bonnie, “kill me.” Whoa. What drove her to that point? Is it guilt? Does she think Bonnie is going to die and doesn’t want to live to see it?

Before that moment, she had warned Bonnie’s father their daughter was “drowning.” Can she sense the immense burden Bonnie is holding because of Perry’s death?

Whatever the reason, Elizabeth’s two-word bombshell motivates Bonnie to go to the police station. Is she finally going to come clean? How will the other women take it?

1. What was Cory doing at the police station?

In arguably the most shocking moment in the episode, Bonnie sees Cory leaving the police station at the precise moment she arrives.

The last time we saw Cory, he was holding a sobbing Jane. She wanted to attempt to be intimate with Cory. The idea of sex becomes too much for her, and she collapses into his arms.

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The scene was sweet and indicated Cory is a gentle soul willing to wait for Jane to move past her trauma and be ready to be with someone. Cory winding up at the police station, puts all those moments before in a new light.

Is Cory a private investigator? Is he a plant? Was Cory hired by someone to spy on Jane? Or is he maybe trying to do the right thing and report Jane’s rape in an attempt to help her move past it?

A new episode of Big Little Lies will premiere Sunday, July 14 on HBO at 9/8c.