Grand Hotel: 5 takeaways from Season 1, Episode 6


Yoli decides to come out to her family with Marissa as her girlfriend. Meanwhile, Santiago must contend with a competitor in a new Grand Hotel.

When construction at the neighboring hotel, The Finn, becomes too loud for anyone to hear themselves think, Santiago must go head-to-head with the new owner. You can’t have a fancy charity gala at the Riveria Grand Hotel with jackhammering in the background, now can you?

Unfortunately, Finn, (his hotel is named after him so that should tell you about his personality) is a jackhammer himself, except with an expletive where “hammer” currently is.

5. Santiago makes a dangerous new enemy.

Initially, Santiago is willing to play nice with Finn. He tries to come to a compromise involving the construction stopping for a few hours during the gala. But Finn is unwilling to give even an inch. Plus, he’s a racist scumbag.

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Santiago uses this to his advantage by talking to his crew. He learns Finn has been taking illegal shortcuts and makes a few calls to get Finn’s construction get shut down.

In the middle of the gala, Finn gets the call. Needless to say, he’s pissed. “You have no idea who you’re messing with.” He threatens Santiago. To which Santiago responds, “Neither do you.”

4. Ingrid tells Javi the truth.

Gigi manages to snag a vial of Ingrid’s blood and run a paternity test. Although I’m not sure how, since Javi didn’t agree to give up his blood and we didn’t see their doctor-on-call ask Mateo for his, regardless, Gigi knows the baby is Mateo’s. She forces Ingrid to confess to Javi. He doesn’t take it well.

Seconds before Ingrid blurts it out, he was all moony-eyed and talking about how the baby gave him hope, then Ingrid pulls the rug out from underneath him! It was time. She couldn’t have gotten away with lying forever. Weirdly, once Ingrid informs Mateo of this, he takes the opportunity to bad mouth her to Gigi. He lets slip he has special job security from Santiago. Gigi looks suspicious, but I’m not entirely sure what Mateo was hoping to accomplish.

3. Mrs. P goes undercover.

At first, it appears Mrs. P might be jumping ship to The Finn hotel. She goes there for an interview, and they make her an offer she can’t refuse, more money and excellent health benefits, which she’ll need to afford Malcolm’s care. When she tells Santiago this, it initially appears he is unwilling to match their offer.

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Helen accepts the other job at the gala. But, twist! It turns out Santiago did match the offer. He and Helen cooked up a plan for her to go work at the Finn as a double agent to ensure they don’t steal away all the clientele from the Riveria Grand. I guess the lawsuit idea is officially dropped then?

2. Yoli comes out at the gala.

Marissa finds Yoli’s box of Sky mementos under the bed. She reads the old letters and assumes Sky is still hung up on Yoli. They come to a crossroads where Marissa feels like Yoli needs to prove she truly does care about her. Yoli does so by finally coming out to her family at the gala. Carolina takes it exceptionally well. It’s not surprising when you think about it, now Carolina doesn’t have to compete with her sister for guys.

However, it doesn’t look like Gigi is going to take it in stride like her daughter. She runs off the dance floor after seeing Yoli and Marissa dating. Let’s hope she comes around.

Also worth noting, Danny and Jason confront Yoli about her relationship with Sky. She was the one who knocked Jason out while trying to retrieve her letters. She claims she had nothing to do with Sky’s disappearance, that Sky was her first real love. She also tells Marissa that Sky “used her.” Hmm, definitely more to learn here.

Grand Hotel

1. Alicia moves on without Danny.

Danny decides he does love Alicia. He breaks things off with Heather. But, by the time he reaches Alicia, she’s locking lips with her old college buddy, and Finn employee, Oliver (guest star, Freddie Stroma). It looks like Danny is too little, too late!

You can’t blame Alicia for moving on when Danny’s been leading her on and cheating with a girl from back home. That said, the jury is still out on whether or not we can trust Oliver. He is part of a rival hotel chain. It remains to be seen how long he’ll be sticking around. Are you Team Danny or Team Oliver?

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Odds & Ends

  • For the first time, Mateo officially confirms he and Santiago did something to Sky specifically. We’ve always known that but this is the first time he actually says her name out loud.

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