5 shocking scenes from V.C. Andrews’ Fallen Hearts on Lifetime

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Fallen Hearts

Chris William Martin stars as Luke in Lifetime’s feature V.C. Andrews’ Fallen Hearts, premiering Saturday, August 10 at 8pm ET/PT. Photo by Cate Cameron Copyright 2019

The third installment of the Casteel saga, Fallen Hearts, has debuted on Lifetime. Somehow, it’s even more shocking than its predecessors.

One thing we can conclusively agree on after watching three of the five films of Lifetime’s Casteel saga is this is one seriously messed up family. Tonight’s film, Fallen Hearts, brought us into Heaven’s future where she’s finally settled down with Logan.

When we last saw Heaven, she was hooking up with her uncle, unknowingly (and then knowingly). But then Uncle Troy died (supposedly) and Heaven went to college to get rid of her creepy bio-dad, Tony.

Now it’s a few years into the future. Heaven is a teacher back in Winnerow. She and Logan are going steady but her troublemaking sister, Fanny, comes back into the picture to seek revenge. Plus, we certainly haven’t seen the last of Tony.

5. Tom gets mauled by a lion.

In a scene that has to be seen to be believed, Tom, Heaven’s favored brother, gets mauled by a lion. The entire scene is somewhat confusing. Heaven shows up wearing a short black wig to emanate a “ghost” and freak out Luke Casteel. She’s angry he has had nothing to do with her and doesn’t understand why.

She goes to the circus, his dream job, and finds him and Tom there. But when Luke sees Heaven, he’s in shock. Such a shock, he doesn’t lock the cage with a lion in it. Tom rushes forward and the lion attacks him. Luke shoots it.

Fast forward to a funeral where we find out Luke and his wife are dead from a car crash. Their new baby, Drake, now needs a new home with Heaven and Logan.

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