How to watch Mayans MC Season 2, Episode 3 Camazotz online

MAYANS M.C. -- "Camazotz" -- Season 2, Episode 3 (Airs Tuesday, September 17, 10:00 p.m. e/p) Pictured: (l-r) Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes. CR: Prashant Gupta/FX
MAYANS M.C. -- "Camazotz" -- Season 2, Episode 3 (Airs Tuesday, September 17, 10:00 p.m. e/p) Pictured: (l-r) Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes. CR: Prashant Gupta/FX /

The Mayans MC attempt to find who clipped one of their members, while the Galindo cartel may revert to crime for a successful business deal.

It’s almost as if Mayans MC will never get around to the confrontation between Reyes brothers and Happy. There’s a slow burn taking place at the moment, slowly unraveling all the intricate details of the Reyes family. Sooner or later, however, the pressure has to be released.

Given Felipe’s past involvement with law enforcement, it wouldn’t be a shocker if he knows Happy as an informant, and someone else killed Senora Reyes. The truth better be revealed quickly, or there will be an MC war that goes back to the first Sons of Anarchy episodes.

The Mayans MC gets their hands dirty.

What’s new with the Mayans? Well, for starters, one of their supporting charter members just got murdered by a dirty cop who was engaged in receiving fellatio. That obviously is not acceptable to the club, especially since those cops just hours earlier gave EZ trouble and spit on his bike.

The bike desecration was bad enough, but this deserves revenge. There have been images in several previews of a nighttime, wooded execution. Could this be it? Since “Camazotz” is the episode title, and that’s the name of the Mayan bat god, the shoe definitely fits.

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Galindo “cartel”

If Miguel Galindo is trying to go legit, and his wife is part of brokering the deal, then why are they both so keen to involve criminal elements and behavior. Emily is in the mayor’s office threatening and insinuating criminal retaliation, and at the first sign of difficulty in a business deal, Miguel is full criminal again, acting all Samurai Cop.

Expect Miguel to involve Marcus Alvarez and Nestor as soon as he doesn’t get his way.

Los Olvidados will change.

One of the loose threads of the season is Adelita’s pregnancy. Now that we know Angel is the father, at what point to the new parents decide their precious baby is more important than crime or the cause? Are they going to repeat the same mistakes made by Jax Teller and Tara?

This is important because, by comparison, there was very little collateral damage with the SOA framework. If Adelita leaves Los Olvidados in the dust, however, the entire organization could turn into chaos. And we’ve seen what happens when a band of little kids are left to their own animalistic devices.

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