Ballers Season 5: 5 big questions after Municipal

BALLERS -- photo: Jeff Daly/courtesy of HBO -- Acquired via HBO Media Relations Site
BALLERS -- photo: Jeff Daly/courtesy of HBO -- Acquired via HBO Media Relations Site /

Ballers is actually going all out with the move away from football. If this weren’t the final season, it might need a name change to Gamers.

Just like that Wendy’s commercial in late ’80s where the little old lady yelled, “Where’s the beef,” it’s about time for Ballers to get back to the, ya know, football aspect of the show. There is far too much X Games meets video games going on, and not enough helmets crashing into shoulder pads.

Here are the five questions remaining after the “Municipal” episode of Ballers.

Is Ricky the next, great broadcaster?

Ricky thinks Dennis has a “white parenting vibe” and TTD sets Ricky up with an interview to be a broadcaster. They’re pampering Ricky because he’s the money source, but he really needs direction more than sycophants.

Later, he’s really quick on his feet when talking to Kisan, mentioning that Kisan should “shoot straight” when talking to Spencer. It’s not subtle at all, and Kisan gets the joke. So with that quick wit it’s surprising Ricky initially bombs on live radio. Until he starts dissing Spencer that is.

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Is Kate really into Joe?

Seriously? The odds of Kate being sexually attracted to Joe are lower than Taco Bell being recommended for the Atkins diet.

Is Charles Greane on the hot seat as GM of the Rams?

It sure does seem like Charles is perpetually in the owner’s doghouse. He screwed the pooch with Ricky, and then again with Kisan. If he can’t figure out how to keep his players out of trouble, and, oh by the way win games, he might soon be looking to join Spencer with the Chiefs. Which obviously feels like the most convenient thing for Ballers to do at the moment, as Spencer begins his crusade. Speaking of which…

Is Spencer really going to be an owner for the players?

Kisan lied to Spencer, but still got picked up by the Chiefs. Apparently Spencer might actually be the owner who sides with the players. He even calls into Ricky’s radio show to refute the bad name he’s earning. In fact, he says the upcoming CBA will prove he’s an owner who still has roots firmly planted in his former playing days.

Professional video games

So not only is Vernon obsessed with video games…but Rick Fox gets a cameo to talk about, not sports, but video games. Is this still Ballers?!

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Ballers airs Sunday nights on HBO.