Finding Escobar’s Millions Season 2 premiere exclusive: Escobar’s safe house mystery

Finding Escobar's Millions -- Courtesy of Discovery -- Acquired via Discovery PR
Finding Escobar's Millions -- Courtesy of Discovery -- Acquired via Discovery PR /

Chris Feistl and Jerry Salameh are on a mission to find Pablo Escobar’s hidden treasure. What’s at the safe house in this Finding Escobar’s Millions clip?

Everyone knows of Pablo Escobar, the notorious crime lord who raked in billions every year at the height of his power. A lot of that money remains hidden, and Finding Escobar’s Millions continues with the second season to uncover the truth. Check out the start of the search in this exclusive sneak peek from Discovery.

Christ Feistl and Jerry Salameh spent their careers hunting down the Colombian crime lord. Now they’re spending their time looking for his buried treasure. However, they’re not alone. Present-day cartels are on the hunt for the treasure, along with other treasure hunters around the world. Everyone wants a piece of the millions.

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Just where could the money be? One of Escobar’s safe houses is the perfect place to start the season. The duo head to one of the places Escobar would have needed to just grab a bag and run from if bugged out, which means some of his fortune had to be buried somewhere around here.

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Will they find anything? Discovery has given Hidden Remote an exclusive clip of the episode. We get to see just what could be within the confines of the safe house and the land around it. There’s a mysterious slab of concrete with a hole.

Now, honestly, if that was me, I wouldn’t be putting my hand down the hole. These guys know what they’re doing, though! Just what do they find? We’ll have to wait for the episode to find out.

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What do you think the duo will find? Are you ready for Finding Escobar’s Millions Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Finding Escobar’s Millions Season 2 airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Discovery, with the premiere airing tonight.