Temptation Island Season 2, Episode 11: Final Bonfire Part 2

TEMPTATION ISLAND -- Season:2 -- Pictured: (l-r) Ashley Howland, Casey Starchak -- (Photo by: John Tsiavis/USA Network)
TEMPTATION ISLAND -- Season:2 -- Pictured: (l-r) Ashley Howland, Casey Starchak -- (Photo by: John Tsiavis/USA Network) /

The second season of Temptation Island ends with a bang, and some absolutely massive gut punches to people who used to love one another.

We left off last episode of Temptation Island with Rick and Ashley G. getting back together, because she has some sort of Manchurian Candidate control over him or something. When we finished, things didn’t look great for David and Kate.

Let’s rehash the final odds before the fun begins:

Final odds

Rick and Ashley G. – Together again, somehow, but unlikely to last IMHO.
Casey and Ashley H. – Whatever-is-less-than-a-snowball-in-hell% chance of success.
Gavin and Esonica – 20% chance of success.
David and Kate – 0% chance of success.

David and Kate

To finish the passive aggressive finale to David and Kate is a mere formality. In his calmest voice, David tells Kate he wants trust at all costs while simultaneously telling her he had sex with Toneata. Meanwhile, Kate holds it together until the end, but starts to break a bit. She also withholds the night she spent with Dominique.

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Mark asks if they’re leaving together, and he may as well ask if either have been to the Moon. She’s leaving solo, and David is leaving with Toneata. They share a final hug, and David absolutely breaks down. We’re talking full-on sobbing, tears flowing, and snot dripping on to Kate’s shoulder. To be honest, he knew it was dripping, and the snot is less forgivable than the infidelity.

Gavin and Esonica

Esonica drives into the bonfire with somewhat of a snarl. She’s talking a good game. Meanwhile, Gavin has butterflies like when he used to play football. If she doesn’t take him back, he’s probably going to cry. Just a big teddy bear. When they see one another again, it’s really just Gavin seeing her. She’s looking away on purpose, trying to force his hand like a poker player.

He apologizes, almost grovels, during his entire speech. She looks away like she wants nothing of it. Her speech is very minimal. Actually quite anti-climactic. The following discussion points to how she bedded Kareem, and the worst Gavin did was say she might not be the one. Which is why her rude, dismissive attitude is so difficult to swallow. Ultimately, her look of contempt swallows Gavin whole, and she elects to leave the island with Kareem.


Casey and Ashley H.

Get this, Casey decides the best way to win back Ashley H. with his pressured-into-the-decision-engagement-ring is to go into the final night wearing a purple shirt and mustard pants. He better hope she really likes the Lakers.

Their initial hug is actually way more endearing and emotional than anticipated. But when she starts talking, Casey is on the verge of tears immediately. Moments ago he was supremely confident, but within seconds he looks like he’s passing a kidney stone. She ends with a triumphant “I am woman, hear me roar” while giving him the evil eye. For what it’s worth, Casey begs and pleads with her, inserting “baby” into his rambling caterwauling similar to how a Kardashian moans the word “like.”

The proposal

With a perpetual “first ever shot of whiskey”-look on his face, Casey starts to hint, baby, that he is going to, baby, propose, baby. It’s not a good look, baby. Ashely returns the stare of a thousand daggers, and tries to control his mind and reverse his decision with her body language. Mark, forever the instigator, cuts off the proposal for the good of everyone watching. Including Ashley H. Her speech is fire and brimstone, neck vein bulging. She rejects his proposal, and says she’s leaving with someone else.

To be fair, Ashley H. turned when the editing of Temptation Island absolutely screwed Casey. Sure, he said something off the cuff that was completely idiotic, but he never did a thing romantic with anyone.

Mark brings out Ben and then proceeds to watch the new couple, who have only known each other a few weeks or so, make out between minimal words. Mark claims he is happy, but that’s like being happy for Reese Witherspoon and Josh Lucas in Sweet Home Alabama, while ignoring a suicidal McDreamy in the corner.

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That’s three of four couples broken on this season of Temptation Island. Who would have thought cheating on day two would lead to a couple leaving the island together?