Happy birthday, Lauren Cohan: 5 reasons Bela’s return would be so great

Supernatural Season 15 has brought back many familiar faces. To celebrate Lauren Cohan’s birthday, we’re looking at why the show should bring Bela back.

There have been many familiar faces back in Supernatural Season 15, and some we never expected. We have time for more returns, and one of those could be Bela Talbot. To celebrate Lauren Cohan’s birthday today, I’m looking at why Bela’s return would be so great.

I know Bela is one of those characters fans loved to hate, hated to love, or sometimes just downright hated. She was selfish and arrogant, but there was also a brilliant backstory that needed more time to develop. Part of the issue was the writer’s strike, and the show just had no control over that. So, the writers did the best they could with the time available.

So here are five reasons her return would be so great. After all, we know Lauren Cohan is interested.

5. Extra time to flesh out the character

Like I said, part of the issue for Bela was the time to flesh out the character. We didn’t get too much in the earlier episodes, seeing the darkness in her the most. But there were hints of compassion and light. It’s clear that the writers wanted to flesh her out more later in the season but the writer’s strike got in the way.

Supernatural Season 15 would give the writers a chance to do more. Even just one or two episodes, we’d get to see how sorry she was for the things she did, only acting out because she was scared. We’d get to see the humanity in her. And yes, I believe there would still be some humanity despite all that time in Hell.

“Time Is On My Side” –Pictured (L-R) Jensen Ackles as Dean and Lauren Cohan as Bela in SUPERNATURAL on The CW. Photo: Sergei Bachlakov / The CW ©2008 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

4. Excellent chemistry with Dean Winchester

Bela and Dean had some great chemistry in Supernatural Season 3. Some of their scenes together became my favorite, and it’s why I wanted to see more of her throughout that season. Bringing her back for the final season would be perfect to bring that chemistry back.

After all, Eileen is back for Sam. It’s time to bring someone who would work so well with Dean back.

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3. Another great frenemy on side

Team Free Will needs all the help it can get against God. What’s another frenemy on side? Bela would make an excellent addition, especially as she realized that everything that happened to her in the past was all written by God. He’s the one she has to blame for everything that happened in her life.

I could see Rowena paying her a visit in Hell to get her on side. Those two would make an excellent team up when it came to working with the Winchesters.

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2. A chance to see she didn’t give in

I don’t believe Bela would give in when in Hell. She would want to repent for all the bad she did, even though she had what would have felt like a good reason for making the deal.

Bringing Lauren Cohan specifically back to Supernatural Season 15 would give us the chance to see Bela’s inner strength. We’d see that she didn’t give in and that there’s still some humanity in her.

1. Some sort of chance for redemption

And finally, it’s all about redemption. This is a character who deserves some sort of redemption arc after everything that happened. Her decision to make a deal came from a place of survival. And she was young, so she likely didn’t know initially what she was getting into.

The decisions she made as she got older were also about survival. They were about fear and wanting to enjoy her life while she could. But she did wrong, and it’s time to redeem for those actions, especially her betrayal of the Winchesters so many times.

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What would you like to see happen in Supernatural Season 15? What made Bela Tablot such a great character for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy birthday, Lauren Cohan!

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