Bob’s Burgers: 5 episodes to watch in lieu of the Super Bowl

Photo Credit: Bob's Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash
Photo Credit: Bob's Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash /
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1. “The Hurt Soccer”

The last episode to make the list is also the most recent. Of all the episodes on the list, this was one that I knew had to be at the very top. Additionally, this episode does a great job of showing different sports and the passion the Belchers have for them. Season 8’s “The Hurt Soccer” is a quintessential Louise episode and remains the best among the entire backlist of sports episodes.

“The Hurt Soccer” features an unorthodox pairing of Bob, Louise and Tina as Bob and Tina team up to coach Louise’s final soccer game. Despite Louise not showing up the entire season, they get roped into it. At first, Louise decides to play as horribly as she can before realizing that the team deserves at least something.

Eventually, she along with Tina gets into their roles and magic starts happening. This episode even has a special crossover moment with one of Bouchard’s other shows, Home Movies so this one has a little something for everyone.

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As previously mentioned, this is a Louise episode and it’s full of character development. This episode is easily the most sporty of the bunch. Soccer plays such a huge role and by the end, we all care about Louise’s team.

Additionally, we also see Louise and Bob’s passion for wrestling as it’s a way for them to bond. If there is one episode that you decide to watch during the Super Bowl, then “The Hurt Soccer” is a must. Before wrapping up, I wanted to include a few honorable mentions: “Gene It On,” “Y Tu Ga-Ga Tambien,” “Burger Boss” and “Torpedo.”

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Which sporty Bob’s Burgers episodes are your favorite? Any episodes I missed? Be sure to let us know in the comments!