The Biggest Loser Season 18: Erica Lugo talks strategy and guilty pleasures

Photo: Erica Lugo.. Image Courtesy USA Network
Photo: Erica Lugo.. Image Courtesy USA Network /

The Biggest Loser finally returns, and new coach Erica Lugo brings her amazing weight loss experience to help motivate the contestants.

Erica Lugo comes to The Biggest Loser with clout. In fact, she has already done what the contestants are trying to do. She once tipped the scales at over 300 pounds, but lost over half her body weight in two short years. In addition to the weight loss journey, Erica has successfully battled thyroid cancer.

Hidden Remote recently had a quick question and answer interview with Erica to find out what drives her, a little about the show, and the answer to some foodie questions.

The weight loss journey

Surprisingly enough, Erica says slow and steady is how she lost her weight. For those looking at quick diets, crash diets, or miracle pills, none of that is mentioned. “I started with baby steps and began to walk on a treadmill for one hour every day,” Erica shares.

While not exactly touting the virtues of one diet or exercise plan over another, she believes, “there is not one diet that is best for everyone, unfortunately. Consult with your doctor, nutritionist or trainer about what is best for you.”


Erica’s strategy this season will be tailored to each contestant. She tells us, “I think being encouraging and helping people realize how strong they are resonates the most for their self-confidence.”

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Erica believes anyone can lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, but not everyone is built the same. Combining cardio and weight lifting has led to the most success for her personally, but when asked about the best approach for the contestants she replied, “everyone is different, but hopefully people will utilize tools around them to find out the best way to live a healthy life.”

The contestants

Why should people watch this season of The Biggest Loser? Simply put, Erica says the “contestants and their stories are so incredible and their journeys are all profound. It is a special show.” It’s probably safe to say we can expect some really dramatic weight loss journeys on this season of The Biggest Loser.

Her personal connection will also be on full display. Reaching her team and pushing them to their best led her to become “incredibly close with the contestants and care about their journey to health. Every contestant is inspiring in their own way – they each have their own story to tell and demons to overcome.”

One food dilemma solved

While she expertly side-stepped the currently ongoing controversy between Jillian and Lizzo, there were a few answers that gleaned insight into solving some of the food world’s biggest questions. No answers for why the McRib is sold so sporadically, or whether or not pineapple goes on pizza (hint: it doesn’t), but her weakness is donut holes and she emphatically solved the Neapolitan ice cream dilemma once and for all by saying we should scoop “across all!”

Still no answer why you can drink a drink but can’t food a food.

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