Is the live-action Aladdin sequel going to be based on The Return of Jafar?

Disney’s live-action Aladdin is getting a sequel… but will it be based on the direct-to-video, The Return of Jafar?

Remember how I mentioned how Disney follows the money earlier this week? Case in point, they’re making a theatrical – as opposed to Disney+ – sequel to the live-action Aladdin. This isn’t a shock, Disney made bank on the film, with a budget of $183 million, they made out with over a billion worldwide. Heck, the movie became the ninth highest-grossing film of 2019.

Even with the bizarre casting choice of Will Smith, replacing the late Robin Williams, fans and critics still went to see the movie in droves expecting to either love it or hate it. Some felt it wasn’t up to par compared to the animated classic while others felt like it held its own as a solid remake.

With tons of Disney-owned IPs making their way to the live-action screen, is it unfair to expect they will one day opt to remake a movie’s sequel? Well, here’s the catch, not every movie had a full sequel, in between the release of new Disney films, they concocted a plan to make direct-to-video sequels to fill the void.

These films, which were lower budget and often deemed not anywhere near the quality its original had, were very hit or miss. Of all the movies, though, the most sold home video was Aladdin II: The Return of Jafar. In its life, it raked in around $300 million in VHS sales, making it the highest-grossing home video.

For those who haven’t gotten the chance to see The Return of Jafar, it continues a year following the events of Aladdin. After foiling the attempted robbery by Abis Mal and his gang, Aladdin finds himself with Jafar’s former parrot, Iago, as a companion to talk to the Sultan. Meanwhile, Abis Mal found Jafar’s lamp and with the promise of revenge, helps him sneak into the palace.

Nevertheless, I think if this will be based on the animated sequel, it may have a chance at competing with its sequel. Do I think it would make just as much – or more – than its original adaptation? Absolutely not.

I don’t think they will get the same level of support if they were to live-actionify its direct-to-video sequels.

Fans will be flocking in droves to see its sequel for one of two reasons. One reason being it’s a sequel to a movie adaptation that they may have liked or the other being they remember The Return of Jafar and want to see how faithful it is to the source material. That is if it will be based on the sequel or not.

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It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Disney opted to make a completely different story to make the sequel unique.

What do you think? Will Disney tread cautiously and make sure the movie follows its animated counterpart’s sequel or will they go about their own story?