The Vet Life exclusive clip: Meet Pinecone the laid-back chicken

Photo: The Vet Life.. Image Courtesy Animal Planet
Photo: The Vet Life.. Image Courtesy Animal Planet /

Are you ready to meet the most famous chicken in the world? Pinecone pays a visit to The Vet Life docs in this week’s exclusive clip.

Animal Planet has an all-new episode of The Vet Life on Feb. 29, and it wouldn’t be a great episode without a famous animal. In this exclusive clip, we get to meet Pinecone, who is the most laid-back chicken you’ll ever meet.

Pinecone is a silky frizzle hen. The biggest difference between these hens and most others is she has five toes and feathers on her feet. Both it’s not the feet that worry her owners together. She has a cough and has been sneezing. It’s up to The Vet Life‘s Dr. Ross to figure out the diagnosis.

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The cough may just be a little cold—yep, even animals can get colds—but it’s smart to get her looked at by a professional. Pinecone is six, and most chickens will live to between eight and 10 years old. We’re definitely not saying she’s old, but she’s at the stage where she’ll need to be looked at more carefully than when she was younger.

Pinecone is possibly the most famous animal Dr. Ross has met. She has her own social media pages, although is picky about the images that are posted of herself. Hey, we get it! You’ve got to look and feel good.

She’s not the only famous face. Her owner is Chicken Mike, who runs The Garden Hen (you’ll see photos of Pinecone on the site). He and his wife, Nicole, head around schools to teach children how to look after chickens properly. It’s clear that he cares about his animals, and not just for a trip to The Vet Life docs.

Check out the exclusive clip from the Leap Day episode and get ready for all the loveable moments throughout.

While we see why Mike has brought Pinecone in, we don’t get to find out about the diagnosis. You’ll need to watch the episode to find out what’s wrong with her and how Mike can look after her.

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The Vet Life airs Saturdays at 10/9c on Animal Planet.