Jessica responds to Love is Blind backlash

LOVE IS BLIND on Netflix.. Photo courtesy Netflix
LOVE IS BLIND on Netflix.. Photo courtesy Netflix /

The second biggest thing to come out of Netflix’s Love is Blind (Lauren and Cameron being first), is backlash towards Jessica Batten. She recently shared it’s been rough.

Love is Blind has everyone falling in love with Lauren and Cameron, while Amber and Barnett have a soft spot in fan’s hearts as well. It’s also no secret that Mark Cuevas has gathered a strong fan base and support system. But hate towards Jessica Batten, who has been called the reality show’s villain, overshadows most of it.

In a recent interview with Refinery29, Jessica reveals that the hate and backlash has not been easy to handle. The source shares that Jessica was very emotional and in tears during the interview, where she also says “My dad’s actually on Instagram, which is the worst part…I don’t really care about people on social media, but someone told me to go kill myself and my dad saw. It’s the worst part.”

Jessica admits that her actions during filming for Love is Blind were not the best and that she could have handled things differently, but says she was going through a tough time off-camera. For starters, Jessica’s dog Payton needed surgery and it was not a simple procedure.

In another interview, this one with Bustle, Jessica defends herself further and shares that she did a lot of self-reflecting and has been going to therapy. Love is Blind audiences will get to hear more from Jessica’s side of the story when Netflix drops the reunion episode on Thursday, March 5 (don’t miss it!).

It doesn’t matter how you feel about Jessica, it seems we have forgotten we are all human and can make big mistakes. I hope Jessica has learned and grown from this unique experience and that the hate dies down as we focus on the love that came out of the reality dating TV series.

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Love is Blind is streaming on Netflix. Fans are crossing their fingers on a second season, we’ll keep you posted!