Westworld: 5 questions we have after Season 3, Episode 2

Westworld Season 3 hit the ground running, presenting new mysteries and giving us a lot to think about. Here are five questions we have after watching Season 3, Episode 2.

We are two episodes in and already have 100 questions about what’s going on, what’s going to happen and…is that dragon?! Please note there are spoilers ahead if you are not caught up on Westworld and missed Season 3, Episode 2. Watch all the episodes before reading ahead.

Here are five big questions we have after watching Westworld Season 3, Episode 2, “The Winter Line.

Is that Drogon?

I’m sure we all jumped out of our seats when a sleeping dragon appeared in Episode 2, “The Winter Line.” This wasn’t just any dragon! It was Drogon from Game of Thrones, Daenerys’ favorite dragon. If you have been wanting to see a Westworld and GoT crossover, this was it. Who knows, maybe Game of Thrones is a world in Westworld, too. Will we see Drogon again or hints of other worlds/crossovers? Probably not. But this was still very cool.

What is Warworld?

Westworld loves to make audiences question reality and they’ve done it again with Warworld. Does the Nazi world actually exist or was it just a simulation Maeve was trapped in? It could have all been a test by Serac (Vincent Cassel), but then again, we’re still not sure what his motive is (more on this below), leaving us all wondering what the point of Warworld was.

Who is Serac?

Serac knows a lot about Maeve. He was even able to stay a step ahead of her as he was prepared to freeze Maeve as soon as she became a threat. Clearly, Serac knows he can’t trust Maeve, at least, not yet! But why bring her to him in the first place? Maeve tells Serac that she doesn’t care about his battle with Dolores, but Serac assures her that they both have something to get out of it. Let’s hope Episode 3 explains what Serac’s motives are.

Jeffrey Wright in Westworld Season 3.. Photograph by John P. Johnson/HBO

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Bernard’s plan

Even though Maeve didn’t appear to want to team up with anyone, especially against Dolores, we know this is what it’s going to lead to. A war is coming between the two, and though we have some idea about what Dolores is trying to do in order to win (I’m sure she’ll still surprise us), we’re not sure what Bernard’s plan is. He is ensuring his safety, though, as he has instructed Stubbs to keep him safe.

Which team are you on?

Finally, are you Team Dolores or Team Maeve? It’s difficult not to cheer for Dolores. We have been following her story from the beginning, more so than Maeve, and feel for her. But she is a completely different person now. Maeve, on the other hand, is still compassionate and just wants to find her daughter. We’re torn!

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