We Summon the Darkness is a fun satanic thriller with a twist

Photo: Amy Forsyth, Alexandra Daddario, and Maddie Hasson in We Summon the Darkness - Courtesy Saban Films
Photo: Amy Forsyth, Alexandra Daddario, and Maddie Hasson in We Summon the Darkness - Courtesy Saban Films /

Alexandra Daddario shines in We Summon the Darkness, a fun horror-comedy with a twist you won’t see coming. Read our full review.

Even though not many new movies are coming out right now, we at least get to see a new satanic horror-comedy starring Alexandra Daddario and Johnny Knoxville released on streaming this week! We Summon the Darkness follows a group of girls, Val, Beverly, and Alexis, as they embark on a road trip to see one of their favorite heavy metal bands.

While at the concert, they meet up with a group of guys and together, they decide to have a little after-party. But then, things take a crazy turn that leaves all six characters fighting for their lives.

If you liked Ready or Not, I suggest giving We Summon the Darkness a chance. While it isn’t quite as good as the Samara Weaving thriller, there are some similarities in tone.

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We Summon the Darkness is really fun to watch and it will definitely take your mind off everything else going on in the world. Daddario gives a standout performance. Unfortunately, I don’t want to spoil anything about the film so it’s a little hard to give her specific compliments! Trust me on this: you want to go into this movie as blind as possible.

The film, which initially premiered at Fantastic Fest, revolves around characters trying to have fun and not worry about the overwhelming threat of a killer satanic cult on the prowl for new victims. Instead of worrying about a murderous cult, we follow a group of young adults trying to let off a little steam, unaware of how their lives intersect with the Manson-like wannabes.

I do feel like the movie loses some steam in the middle, it has a short runtime but feels longer than it should be because the second act of the film gets a little lost. However, by the climax, things definitely pick up steam and leave you on the edge of your seat.

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We Summon the Darkness will be released on-demand on April 10.

Are you planning to watch We Summon the Darkness when it is released? Are you a fan of horror movies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!