Tiger King: Top 5 parody songs

Tiger King - Credit: Netflix
Tiger King - Credit: Netflix /
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Guy With The Tigers (Survivor Parody) by Young Jeffrey

Why does this entire thing feel improvised? Anyway, there are serious bonus points for starting it off with a string of Joe Exotic’s most hilarious quotes. And don’t forget, Joe is not cutting his hair.

I love the quality of the lyrics in the parody because several of the key points of the series are brought up. The Walmart meat, the meth, the worker getting attacked, shooting his possessions with a rifle. And, yeah, there is a good chance Joe Exotic set the fire.

This video’s best line

"Making pizza using old Walmart meat, likes his ham with some meth on the side."

This video’s grade

This one is a solid B+. It’s difficult to do justice to “Eye of the Tiger,” but I believe this is a solid use of the music.

Carole Killed Her Husband (Joe Exotic Remix) by Merkules

As the kids today say, “This MF spittin’.” First of all, props for calling out Jeff Lowe. He IS a snitch. He IS a rat. And he definitely set Joe Exotic up on the murder-for-hire rap. Just like Merkules says, “You won’t ever change my mind.” Speaking of that line…

This video’s best line

"Carole killed her husband. You won’t ever change my mind."

The bars are fire in this track; so, just picking the hook is a cop-out on my part. After all, the intro is “I was smokin’ chronic, watchin’ Joe Exotic.” **mind blown**

Also, James Garretson is not getting enough heat from the series. This dude looks like he smells like scummy pond water, and definitely has a creepy van. He is 100% untrustworthy, and this song rightfully says “F*** James Garretson” multiple times.

Another key point is the faux telephone call portion of the song. It highlights the insanity of having Jeff Lowe and his goon basically admit to setting Joe up, and yet it’s not enough to free Joe Exotic? (#FreeJoeExotic)

This video’s grade

This is a solid A. Admit it; you watch the entire thing more than once.