Snowpiercer TV series: Do you need to watch the movie first?

Snowpiercer on TNT
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The Snowpiercer TV series drops May 17 only on TNT. Should you watch the movie first or are you set to ride the train?

It feels like it was forever ago when it was announced that a TV series based on Bong Joon Ho‘s Snowpiercer was in development. Finally, the highly anticipated Snowpiercer TV series arrives to TNT on May 17 and fans who have been following the news from the start couldn’t be more excited. But those who aren’t familiar with the film (or the French graphic novel, “Let Transperceneige,” the movie is based on) are wondering if they need to watch the movie first.

Having screened the series already, I can assure you that you’ll be completely fine if you watch the Snowpiercer series with fresh eyes. That said, it wouldn’t hurt to watch the film as there are plenty of connections between the two, as well as fun Easter eggs to spot.

It was initially believed that TNT’s Snowpiercer would tie into the movie adaptation. However, reports later claimed that this would not be the case. Hidden Remote can now confirm these claims.

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TNT’s Snowpiercer TV series works just fine as a standalone universe. Though you will find nods towards the novel and the movie, you don’t need to be familiar with anything at all. Everything is explained in the first episode, Season 1, Episode 1, “First, the Weather Changed.”

After a quick explanation of the events (most of which you’ll see for yourself), Snowpiercer dives right in on the current situation. The objective is for the people on the back of the train to survive, yes, but there are also plenty of subplots to keep your mind busy, including a murder-mystery.

“First, the Weather Changed” also introduces the show’s main players, but don’t just keep your focus on those, pay attention all around you. There are many mysteries riding the train, and plenty of interesting characters to keep you on your toes.

Where to stream Snowpiercer the movie online: Still curious and want to watch the movie ahead of the show’s premiere? Good news! You can stream Snowpiercer for free if you have a Netflix account.

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Will you be watching the Snowpiercer movie before diving into the series this Sunday, May 17? Or have you already watched it?