Horror movies: 13 icon franchises in the process of getting a reboot

Friday the 13th. Image Courtesy Paramount Pictures, Shudder
Friday the 13th. Image Courtesy Paramount Pictures, Shudder /
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Friday the 13th. Image Courtesy Paramount Pictures, Shudder /

Love horror movies? Good news! Here are 13 icon horror franchises including Blade, The Howling, and Scream that are getting a reboot.

Hollywood has stopped production on many projects, but it’s still making plans. As a genre, horror is subjected the most to the reboot bug because of how much money it generates. Horror movies, especially slashers, are cheap to make and are popular among movie-goers, and if its a franchise, then you can add all the devoted fans to the equation.

Basically, they’re great to make when the box offices start running dry, so I expect there to be a huge surge in horror, more particularly, horror remakes once the pandemic is over.

A few years ago, horror reboots went on a temporary hiatus but it’s since featured a resurgence following the success of Halloween (2018) and It (2017), one of which wasn’t actually a reboot but a rehashed sequel. Though it still helped fuel the craze. Some of the films currently in the process of getting remade are A Nightmare on Elm Street, An American Werewolf in London, and The Howling.

13. Friday the 13th

This is a franchise that quite literally never dies. It tried ending numerous times but easy money kept Jason alive and running for many years. There was a Friday the 13th reboot not too long ago in 2009 starring Jared Padalecki and Danielle Panabaker that despite negative reception from fans, was a box office success. Now 11 years later, Jason is scheduled to rise again.

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There have been numerous attempts to reboot the franchise, but they never work out. The most recent fallthrough had been with Paramount Pictures with screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski. It would have served as a retelling of Jason’s origins and would have included both his parents, Pamala and the never before seen Elias Voorhees.

Interested fans should know that Elias is a character that already exists in the franchise even though he’s never seen. He was meant to appear in Jason Lives but was taken out, however, he’s included in the film’s novelization.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a new attempt to reboot Friday the 13th will be taken on by none other than LeBron James and his production company, SpringHill Entertainment. The only problem is, the rights to the original 1980 screenplay, and all the characters in it, has returned to screenwriter Victor Miller. He now owns and controls  “young” Jason, however, the claims on “adult” Jason is still unclear.

U.S. District Court Judge Stefan Underhill states that the many different versions of the character have made it difficult to determine who owns complete rights.

"“I also decline to analyze the extent to which Miller can claim copyright in the monstrous ‘Jason’ figure present in sequels to the original film. Horror may very well be able to argue that the Jason character present in later films is distinct from the Jason character briefly present in the first film, and Horror or other participants may be able to stake a claim to have added sufficient independently copyrightable material to Jason in the sequels to hold independent copyright in the adult Jason character. That question is not properly before the court in this case, however.”"

One thing is for certain though, Miller owns Pamela Voorhees completely.