Bering Sea Gold exclusive clip: Reliving the best Brad moments

Family Shot of the Kellys. Bering Sea Gold. Image Courtesy Discovery
Family Shot of the Kellys. Bering Sea Gold. Image Courtesy Discovery /

Relive some of the best Brad moments on Bering Sea Gold

There’s a new episode of Bering Sea Gold tonight. It’s also Father’s Day weekend. We can combine the two, right?

Our friends at Discovery certainly can. They’ve given us the chance to share an exclusive clip, reliving some great Brad moments from Bering Sea Gold so far. After all, the Kelly family wouldn’t be as entertaining as it is without the patriarch.

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There are a few clips, starting with Kris handing the reins back to his dad for a while. Kris points out that Brad doesn’t remember just how hard being the captain of a ship is and it’s time to remember that.

Then it follows on with a recent clip. Remember when Brad decided he knew how to handle Emily when she came over with accusations of claim jumping? His way to “handle” her certainly didn’t go the way he planned, and it did make the entire Kelly family look bad.

Keep watching to the end of the clip. It moves onto a sneak peek of tonight’s all-new episode. Kris thinks he has a great way to getting more gold. Is Brad willing to follow along with it? The clip shares a little of what that plan is going to be.

Brad certainly is old-school in his approaches. He’s also one of those who will do whatever he can to win, even if that means not quite following the rules. Just hopefully for Kris, he follows orders. After all, Kris is the captain of the boat!

One thing is for sure, there wouldn’t be the Kelly family antics without Brad! Happy Father’s Day!

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What do you love about Brad? What do you think is going to happen in tonight’s episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Bering Sea Gold airs tonight at 8/7c on Discovery.