Stargirl has a problem with keeping identities secret and it’s perfect!

Stargirl characters can’t keep their identities a secret, can they?

One of the biggest rules in being a superhero is to keep your identity a secret. It doesn’t just protect the person but their entire family. Stargirl characters aren’t doing a very good job of that.

Within the last few episodes, Cindy and Courtney both know each others’ villain/hero identities. Everyone knows that Harry is Brainwave Jr. and now Harry has worked out that Wildcat is Yolanda. Oh, and Courtney worked out Jordan is Icicle at dinner.

Identities are not a secret. And this part of Stargirl is among the most realistic elements of the show. After all, the costumes aren’t the best for keeping identities secret. Courtney having her hair down is her costume gives her identity away immediately.

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We’ve always laughed at Superman’s disguise

Let’s be honest about most of the superhero costumes and their disguises in real life. We’ve always laughed at how Superman and Supergirl can just put on a pair of glasses and they’re immediately unrecognizable. It’s just something we’ve accepted, although it’s clear that if it was real life, they would be immediately outed.

There are a few others who would also be outed immediately due to their costumes not quite hiding everything, like Aquaman and Wonder Woman. However, DC has done a better job with the likes of Batman, Green Arrow, and The Flash. Marvel has also thought about it with Spider-Man and a few other masked vigilantes and heroes.

Yet, Stargirl is a bunch of teenagers running around playing hero. They’re not quite appreciating the dangers of their role in the world. It’s like sometimes they forget that they’re going up against a bunch of adults with a lot more experience. So, is it that surprising that their costumes don’t quite hide who they are? It’s not going to take a genius to work out Beth is Dr. Mid-Night considering she only really puts the goggles on!

In a way, figuring out their “secret” identities has become a running theme. Even the adults are messing up. It allows us to just focus on dealing with the enemy instead of constantly having a “who is behind the mask” discussion. The audience already knows. And since the audience is mostly younger, it makes sense just to get on with the story.

What do you think if Stargirl characters being unable to keep their identities secret? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Stargirl airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.