Where were the Twilight movies really filmed?

Were the Twilight movies really filmed in Forks, Washington?

It seems like the Twilight movies premiered ages ago, and while it has been over a decade since the first movie in the franchise (2008) debuted in theaters, fans and new fans can’t stop watching and talking about the movies lately.

Why the sudden love? A true Twilight Saga fan already knows the answer to this! It’s because of the recently published book, “Midnight Sun” on Aug. 4 by Stephenie Meyer. The new book follows the same story, but from Edward Cullen’s point of view.

While I haven’t personally read the book just yet (I know, shame on me), I hear it’s incredible. Many fans are even hoping the book gets a live-action series or TV movie.

Needless to say, the new book has reignited the love fans have for Twilight, as well as piqued the interest of new fans. That said, with summer still in full swing and the COVID-19 outbreak giving us extra time due to canceled events, why not go on a Twilight road trip?

Where were the Twilight movies filmed?

Before you head out to Forks, Washington, though, let’s find out where the best movie locations from the franchise are located.

Even though the movie’s setting is Forks, Washington, most of it was filmed in Portland, Oregon. The best locations to check out, as Movie Locations shares, are:

  • Silver Falls State Park in Oregon (the backdrop and setting of many shots)
  • 184 South 6th Street Saint Helens, Oregon (Bella’s home) Bonus: The home is on Airbnb for fans to stay in!
  • Kalama High School, 548 China Garden Road (the high school and parking lot where Edward saves Bella)
  • Carver Cafe, 16471 SE Highway 224, Damascus
  • Finally, at 3333 NW Quimby S Portland, Oregon, you’ll find Edward Cullen’s home.

Have you ever visited the filming location of your favorite movie?