Bob’s Burgers: 5 memorable Gene and Linda episodes

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Bob's Burgers

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If you love Gene and Linda’s relationship on Bob’s Burgers, you can’t miss these episodes.

Family plays an important role in Bob’s Burgers and it’s clear they are a tight-knit group but the writers tend to pair some characters together. For Tina, she usually gets the share of both parents while Louise is usually paired up with Bob. However, Gene always seems to be paired up with Linda and it’s obvious the two have a connection. Simply put, it seems like Gene is Linda’s favorite of all her kids.

Even if that isn’t true, it’s clear the connection Linda and Gene have is unlike any other. The two always seem to be either making plans together, having fun, or sharing a joke or two.

As close as the two are, they aren’t nearly as many episodes featuring their relationship in a major plotline and it’s slightly depressing. Either way, the two are a delightful pair and their relationship is one of the bright spots in the series.

No surprise that Gene and Linda’s relationship is going to be featuring in this week’s new Bob’s Burgers episode. Before getting started, there will be spoilers from “Mommy Boy” if you haven’t watched yet. However, if you’re craving more episodes featuring Linda and Gene, then you’ve come to the right place as we’re talking about four more episodes that feature Gene and Linda’s relationship.

The first episode being featured is “The Hurt Soccer” which is a brief look at the two.

Starting the list off is Season 8’s “The Hurt Soccer.” While a majority of this episode focused on Louise finally being a part of her soccer team, there was another plotline that seemed to get lost in the shuffle. While Bob is away, Linda and Gene decide to try and turn the restaurant into their own personal piano bar. It’s a pipe dream but the two are able to fulfill their fantasy if only for a little while.

This first example proves just how much Linda and Gene have in common especially their love of music. Both of them love to sing and aren’t afraid to show that off. Additionally once paired together, their plans always seem to fall into place especially in this episode. The two work together to help Ms. Merkin feel better and eventually, makeup with her sister. Overall, the two prove how much of a little bit of their teamwork can go.

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