General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, February 2: The walls are finally closing in on Peter August

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, Feb. 2, tease that many people are scrambling to figure things out. There have been some shady things going on in Port Charles and Peter August is right in the middle of it.

Peter has been one step ahead of everyone for months, but his time may be coming soon.

Fans have been waiting for Peter to get caught in his web of lies and deceit. It has been a long time coming. Unfortunately, Maxie has no idea that her world is about to be shattered once again.

Franco is the key to unlocking the secrets of Pater’s past. The voice in his head may be his undoing and Leisl Obrecht knows that. She is ready to pounce.

Obrecht is desperate on Tuesday’s General Hospital

Obrecht knows how Peter works, which is why she realizes that time is running out before he makes his own desperate move. Franco is obviously in danger. He was already attacked by Alexis Davis, but Peter is the dangerous one. Obrecht needs him to fully recover the memories that are implanted in his head.

The pieces of the puzzle are fitting together, but Peter is determined to keep those pieces from connecting. However, Anna is also doing her investigative work when it comes to Dante.

She may be on to Obrecht’s involvement with Dante’s recovery and the murder of Dr. Kirk. On Tuesday, spoilers say that she will continue her quest to figure it all out. Will she get her answers from Dante?

Who is the real Peter August?

That is the question that Elizabeth will bring up on Tuesday’s General Hospital. Unfortunately for Maxie, she is about to marry the man that has been manipulating her in order to keep his past from her, not to mention his recent evil antics.

Maxie will have some sympathy for all that Franco and Elizabeth are going through. However, Peter will quickly try to steer her away from feeling bad for their situation. It’s likely that he will remind her all that Franco has done and may do in the future.

Who do you think will be the one who takes Peter down? Let us know what you think!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.