Get in your feels by watching the full finale table read from The Office

THE OFFICE -- Pictured: "The Office" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal)
THE OFFICE -- Pictured: "The Office" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal) /

If you’ve got 77 minutes on your hands, get those tissues ready, fans of The Office.

Saying that the NBC hit’s finale was emotional would definitely be an understatement. Even though the show’s arguably most beloved character, Michael Scott, had already said goodbye to Dunder Mifflin, we were always ready to cry once again when the show came to a full end.

Thanks to one video, we now know that doesn’t just apply to the show’s ever-growing fanbase. The beloved cast and crew who sat down for the award-winning show’s finale read-through had a hard time keeping it together once upon a time as well, it seems.

The full finale table read is currently watchable online and if you’re a fan of the show, consider this one a must-see. Not to mention, if you’ve been jonesing for a good laugh (or cry) with the cast of The Office once more, you’re about to get much more than you bargained for.

The lengthy table read opens with series creator Greg Daniels giving a heartfelt speech he calls his “last remarks” on the show’s beginning, its incredibly successful nine-season run, and the bittersweet series end. Before the run-through begins, Daniels’ message to all involved will definitely have some fans of the show already tearing up. And for good reason.

The series showrunner opens with a series of “thank yous” and concludes his “last remarks” by telling all involved that he loves them. With the creators and cast all in the same room running lines for the finale, everyone becomes vividly, understandably, and unavoidably emotional by the time it’s all said and done. Adding some much-needed comic relief to the mix, Rainn Wilson arrives in his full Dwight Schrute get-up for the occasion.

The Office finale table read

Check out the emotional and funny table read for The Office finale below.

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