General Hospital spoilers: Jason’s escape teases plenty of tense moments

Photo Credit: General Hospital/ABC, Craig Sjodin Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media
Photo Credit: General Hospital/ABC, Craig Sjodin Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media /

It promises to be one wild ride this week on General Hospital. The previews for the ABC soap were just released and it reveals some very exciting moments in Port Charles. Carly has a plan, but it looks like it may be foiled. It also appears that Cameron is somehow wrapped up in all of this, as well as Britt’s life being in danger.

Jason’s escape plan that is being set up by Carly, with the help of Brick and Spinelli, will seemingly be going well. However, someone will hinder their operation quickly. Jordan is expected to show up as Brick is talking to Carly on the phone. The police commissioner will obviously demand to know what’s going on after catching Brick waiting in his car outside GH.

In General Hospital’s preview clip, Jason is seen running down the stairway holding his side. You can see blood seeping out from under his shirt. There is also Cameron who is being questioned by Jordan at the PCPD about holding a gun. Did Cam really shoot Jason or did he just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time?

Another harrowing scene in the previews is Britt being attacked by Cyrus’ men. One is holding her down, while the other thug is prepping a syringe ready to inject her with something. Jordan is also seen calling for help from a hospital room. Could she possibly find Britt unconscious? Or is it Jason that has been shot? Or will someone else get caught in the crossfire?

General Hospital spoilers tease Britt and Jason’s fate

While it appears from the clip that Cyrus’ men’s intention is to kill Britt, she will somehow survive her ordeal. Viewers think that it will be Jason who will come to her rescue and they may be right. Spoilers for the week of May 9 tease that Jason and Britt will be together. It looks like they will go on the run and be there for each other. Is there a new romance on the horizon?

Where does Cam fit into all of this? It may be that Jordan will realize that despite his anger towards Jason for thinking he killed Franco, Cam probably wasn’t involved in the shooting. Upcoming spoilers suggest that he won’t be in jail as he will have some conversations with both Joss and Trina.

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Stay tuned to see how Jason’s harrowing escape will turn out.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.