Which characters will surprise us on American Horror Stories?

American Horror Stories on FX (Image credit: FX)
American Horror Stories on FX (Image credit: FX) /

The year 2011 seems so far away when it comes to the world of American Horror Story. It’s hard to believe the series premiered 10 years ago and the show is still going strong. In addition, we’re getting a spin-off entitled American Horror Stories. While not the most original title, it’s clear the new series is paying homage to the original while creating something totally new.

American Horror Stories is set to premiere on July 15, 2021, on Hulu as Murphy’s first FX on Hulu outing. Looking at FX’s website, the series is definitely a slight departure from the previous iteration.

FX describes it as such:

"“American Horror Stories is a spin-off of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s award-winning hit anthology series American Horror Story. American Horror Stories is a weekly anthology series that will feature a different horror story each episode.”"

While each AHS season had its own theme, we’ll be seeing a rotating theme with the spinoff.

Along with the small description of the series, the show has also released the titles of the first two episodes, “Rubber(wo)Man” which is a two-part episode. Of course, that’s a nod to season 1 of American Horror Story: Murder House which featured the “Rubber Man.” It’s clear the series is going to focus on at least the first season of the show but no doubt, they’ll be diving into other seasons of the series.

However, with two episodes just focused solely on season 1, it brings up a question. While season 1 doesn’t seem to get as much hype as the latter seasons, it’s still a solid start to a now long-running series. Since season 1 kicked everything off, which character appearance would yield the biggest surprise from fans?

Will American Horror Stories feature AHS characters?

Let’s get some obvious ideas out of the way, first. No doubt most of us are hoping to see Evan Peters make an appearance as Peters was the “Rubber Man” in Season 1. However as evidenced by the title, it’s going to be a “Rubber Woman” this time. Obviously, that would point to two members of the family who used to live in the Murder House which would be Violet Harmon and Vivien Harmon.

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While it would make sense for Viven to be the “Rubber Woman,” the biggest surprise between the two would be Violet. Considering how she reacted when she found out the truth about Tate, it would be incredibly unexpected.

Obviously, this was before the events of American Horror Story: Apocalypse but it’s unclear when this series takes place in terms of the timeline.

Either way, seeing a “Rubber Woman” is going to be a big surprise as the “Rubber Man” was such a huge part of Season 1. Aside from the Rubber Woman, there are a few other characters who could probably throw things for a loop when it comes to the new series. Of all the characters who could reappear, Dr. Charles Montgomery could end up being a nice surprise.

Obviously, Dr. Charles Montgomery isn’t a nice character, but he would still appear in the series as he did die in the show. Coupled with Dr. Montgomery, no doubt we could see his wife, Nora also reappears. You can’t have one without the other as the two are one of the most gruesome couples to be featured on the series.

No doubt it would be nice to see Sarah Paulson reprise her role as Billie Dean Howard. The easiest way would be for the new owners of the house to contact to get in touch with the spirits that are living there. It might be a bit of a basic plot, but it would work. Plus we all love to see Sarah Paulson as part of the AHS crew so it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Ultimately, seeing any of the characters from Murder House in American Horror Stories would be a real delight. Season 1 of American Horror Story might not be the best, but it set the precedent for the rest of the series. Seeing a new series pay homage to it is praise enough. However, it would be cool to see some of the characters mentioned above appear on the new outing.

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American Horror Stories premieres July 15th, 2021 on FX on Hulu. 

Which American Horror Story: Murder House characters would you like to see on American Horror Stories? Be sure to let us know in the comments.