Do Zoya and Obie (Zobie) end up together on Gossip Girl?

Whitney Peak in Gossip Girl Season 1, Episode1 - Photograph by Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max
Whitney Peak in Gossip Girl Season 1, Episode1 - Photograph by Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max /

The Gossip Girl reboot on HBO Max is certainly a horse of a different color compared to its source material. Drama abounds as does betrayal, but the way the series has been handling it is interesting. And then there’s Zoya and Obie.

Last episode, “Just Another Girl on the MTA,” put sisters Julien and Zoya at odds. Lines were drawn and words were exchanged.

In the end, Julien’s boyfriend Obie broke up with her over her actions. But does that mean Zoya and Obie (ship name Zobie) will be an item considering his interest in her? Certainly, that would mean World War III on the show. Plus, there’s no way Julien would ever let that happen…right?

Spoilers ahead for Gossip Girl episode 2

Those of us who grew up on the original Gossip Girl better get used to the new iteration subverting expectations. The stand-off between Neo-Queen J and Little Z would have meant a full scale war in the aughts version of the series or at least something other than a comparatively quiet one-sided skirmish.

The latter is what “She’s Having a Maybe” basically is considering Zoya doesn’t plot against her sister in the episode. She goes about her life which has been complicated by Julien’s meddling that resulted in the scholarship she has to attend Constance St. Jude’s.

Zoya’s on the outs with her father, her position at school is in a precarious place, and she’s in the cross-hairs of Gossip Girl thanks to the not-quite love triangle between her, Julien, and Obie.

The poor girl just got to the city and already her life is in upheaval. The one shining light seems to be Obie, whose attraction to her might as well be a neon light for how obvious it is.

Are Zoya and Obie a couple on Gossip Girl?

Generally, this is when teen dramas gear up for a long extended pining session, a struggle over the morality of being with the person someone they love isn’t over, and red-faced jealousy that leads to incredibly bad decisions.

Gossip Girl, however, said not on our watch. While there’s a batch of misfortune simmering in the plot due to Julien once again listening to her friends’ call for her to decimate Zoya, it doesn’t get unleashed this episode.

Rather, the dirt she had Gossip Girl dig up on her little sister has been shelved. Brought to the forefront instead is her father becoming privy to Nick and Zoya’s presence in his orbit. A reality that could threaten his sobriety if he can’t get his emotions in check.

Also, Julien is forced to confront the fact that Obie truly is done with her. In a move that left me wheezing in shock, the boy puts the nail in the coffin of their relationship and goes to ask Zoya out in full view of his ex literally moments after he makes sure Julien knows they’re over full stop.

While Zoya and Obie are incredibly cute and like-minded, the writers putting them together in the second episode of the first season was a surprise. They didn’t do that flirty dance of “will they-won’t they” or keep obstacles between them before allowing them to start a relationship.

After seeing Zobie on a date which involves school supply shopping for underprivileged schools, Julien even accepts that the two are good for one another. She makes a point of fixing things with her sister which includes ensuring that she’ll stay at Constance St. Jude’s without fear of her scholarship being revoked.

Literally the only thing hanging over Zobie’s head is the information on Zoya. What happened at her old school is bound to come out. Both Julien and Gossip Girl know what her secret is and, while Julien isn’t primed to use it against her, Gossip Girl is ready and willing if the time comes.

What’s next for Zoya and Obie in Gossip Girl season 1?

Putting that bait to the side for a moment, things between Zoya, Obie, and Julien wrapping up in a nice little bow is odd for a teen drama. It’s left me wondering if Julien isn’t going to be the problem between Zobie, and Zoya’s secret is safe for now, then what hurricane is about to blow through this young couple’s honeymoon period? Something has to, right?

They got together with next to no problem and are even comfortable acknowledging their relationship in front of Julien and the rest of the student body. The same students who have had an invested interest in their not-quite love triangle since Gossip Girl blasted a post about them in the first episode.

We know the clock is ticking on the reveal of Zoya’s secret but what skeletons does Obie have in his closet? He’s from a filthy rich family and works to balance that by giving back as much as he can. He’s an avid advocate for many causes and community work is very important to him. But the likelihood of him being solely an infatuated puppy is low.

If an issue doesn’t crop up with him then it may with his (so far) absent parents. We’ll have to keep watching to see. Stay tuned for more Gossip Girl content here on Hidden Remote, your go-to place for all things TV and movies.

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