General Hospital spoilers: Will Gladys drop the bombshell about Bailey?

General Hospital on ABC, image courtesy ABC
General Hospital on ABC, image courtesy ABC /

General Hospital spoilers suggests that it’s going to be a rough couple of weeks for both Maxie and Brook Lynn. Troublemaker Gladys has just stumbled upon some useful information that could definitely shake things up.

On Monday’s show, Maxie and Brook Lynn didn’t know that they were being recorded when they mentioned the fact that Valentin isn’t Bailey’s dad. Gladys had no idea that there would be this kind of chitter-chatter going on between the girls. She was all set to record their meeting and left it on when Sasha needed to have a talk with her.

Now that Gladys has realized that she has something on Brook Lynn, you know that she will use it to her advantage. Thankfully, nothing was said about Maxie actually being Bailey’s mom. That would have been very bad.

According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, it sounds like Gladys will start making Brook Lynn’s life at Deception even more miserable than ever. What more does she want now that she is able to blackmail her boss?

Will the big secret be exposed this week on General Hospital?

Everyone knows that Gladys will want to make Brook Lynn squirm as she makes her demands. However, spoilers for the coming days indicates that Brando’s mom may just decide to spill the beans to Valentin after all. On Monday, Nov. 1, spoilers say that Brook Lynn races to stop Gladys. It certainly sounds like she is ready to tell what she knows.

Will Valentin get an earful? This piece of information will certainly break his heart. He loves the child that he believes is his. However, it wasn’t revealed that Bailey isn’t Brook Lynn’s baby either, so at least the full secret that Bailey is Maxie and Peter’s child won’t be revealed just yet.

General Hospital spoilers also say that the two unlikely friends will scramble to come up with a new plan. Even if Valentin is told that the baby isn’t his, the fact that Brook Lynn isn’t her mother could still be kept, at least for now.

Will Valentin understand why Brook Lynn lied to him when the full truth comes out? After all, he now knows how dangerous Peter is and that’s exactly why Maxie is in cahoots with Brook Lynn until Peter is either locked up or dead.

Unfortunately, Valentin is in bad shape after being shot by Peter in Greece. Gladys may not get the chance to let the cat out of the bag right now.

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How do you think Valentin will react when he ends up finding out about Bailey?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.