Minx: Does Taylor Zakhar Perez really go full frontal in the HBO Max show?

Minx on HBO Max
Minx on HBO Max /

From the teen romance movie series The Kissing Booth to the TV-MA HBO Max show Minx that’s full of nudity, actor Taylor Zakhar Perez continues to surprise his fans. Many Netflix lovers were shocked to hear he’d be going nude for this new show, leaving many wondering if the penis we see on TV is really his. If you’re here for answers, we’ve got them down below!

Minx follows the story of an aspiring writer in the 1970s named Joyce Prigger (Ophelia Lovibond), a feminist who wants to shine a light on what women really want to talk about and deal with in their day-to-day life. She teams up with an adult magazine publisher named Doug Renetti (Jake Johnson) to create the first-ever erotic magazine just for women. As you’d imagine, it’s not as easy as they hope it might be.

Taylor Zakhar Perez plays a character named Shane Brody, a firefighter/aspiring model who comes to audition for Joyce’s magazine spread. He charms everyone with his good looks and easygoing personality — not to mention the fact that he’s well endowed. I personally was so surprised to see the actor going full frontal for the HBO Max series, but did he really bare it all?

Is Taylor Zakhar Perez’s penis real in HBO’s Minx?

Although many fans are thirsting over Perez’s good looks in Minx, he does not actually show his real penis. Instead, as confirmed by Entertainment Weekly, the show uses a prosthetic penis. This is similar to what Sebastian Stan wears in Hulu’s Pam and Tommy and the male actors in HBO’s Euphoria. Perez spoke with EW on the nudity in Minx, sharing:

"“I’m all for it. If the project and the scenes call for it, why not? But I think just to throw a bare-chested woman or ass-out guy into the scene without it making sense, then it’s gratuitous and takes away from the quality of the content.”"

Minx on HBO Max
Minx on HBO Max /

Salon.com recently published a piece analyzing the use of prosthetic penises in TV and movies, arguing that it further encourages the taboo of nudity. “The media, it seems, has become fascinated with prosthetic penises while skirting the issue of why filmmakers and actors are avoiding actually baring it all,” journalist Peter Lehman writes. It’s certainly an interesting discussion to have.

There are only four episodes of Minx out so far, so there’s no time like the present to start tuning in. Two episodes release every Thursday on HBO Max, with the 10th and final episode airing on April 14, 2022.

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