The Bold and the Beautiful recap (Nov. 28): Steffy stops the wedding

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At the start of the Tridge wedding plot, if you were to tell me that Steffy would be the one to stop her parents’ big day, I wouldn’t have believed you. Not the woman who has worked tirelessly to repair the fractured family she’s been living with since her father left her mom for Brooke Logan.

But that’s exactly what Steffy did today on The Bold and the Beautiful once it became clear that Taylor was going to go against her character and not tell Ridge the truth. It was a hard moment to watch knowing the dream Taylor had been holding so close to her heart would be shattered right before her eyes.

Though that’s not to say she held what her daughter did against her. Steffy did what Taylor couldn’t in that moment and because of it, if she and Ridge do have a future, they won’t be starting a new life together due to lies and manipulations.

One person who isn’t thanking Steffy for her bravery is Thomas. He had a lot to lose upon the truth coming out and the losses started rolling in today. Honestly, it gave me deja vu watching it considering this is yet another wedding where Thomas’ scheme is revealed and his son is one of the people holding him accountable for his behavior.

Here’s the full rundown of today’s episode.

What happened today on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Taylor’s face was broke by the time she stood in front of Ridge. Try as she might to hold everything together, the cracks in her emotions were showing. He even asked her if she was okay and, for a moment, it seemed like Taylor was going to tell him about the CPS call. But, she pivoted at the last second, giving a speech to him about how overwhelming this day has been and that he promised they’re getting married because he loves her.

Steffy, understandably disappointed and frustrated, couldn’t believe that her mom didn’t confess what she’d learned about Thomas’ meddling. So, after Carter gave his own speech about Tridge’s love which included the classic notes about Taylor’s honesty and how much Thomas has grown, Steffy spoke up.

Carter asked if anyone had cause for the two not to get married and Steffy said that she did. Then she launched into telling her parents that it’s not that she doesn’t want them to get married. It’s that she doesn’t want their new life together to begin without the truth being out. She gave Thomas ample time to be the one to say something, but he didn’t take any of the opportunities that she left open for him to speak.

Recognizing that Thomas wasn’t going to take responsibility, Steffy told Ridge that Brooke wasn’t the one who made the call to CPS, Thomas did. Douglas backed her up by playing the recording on his phone of Brooke and then playing Thomas saying word-for-word what she did, clearly showing that this whole situation had been manipulated.

Ridge, devastated, began to lay into his son. Thomas, however, stood his ground. He reminded his father that the CPS call isn’t the reason they’re all at this wedding. Ridge bulldozed past that reasoning and asserted that Thomas had played with his, Brooke, and Taylor’s lives. He blamed him for the ruin of his marriage.

Bold fans, that’s when the record scratched for me. While I think Thomas deserves this dressing down, Ridge can’t just say that his son knew what he’d do once he thought Brooke had “attacked his family.” First of all, Brooke has done far worse than supposedly place a call to CPS. This is a woman who once kept quiet about the fact that not only did she think Thomas was dead but that Hope was involved in his death. Ridge barely bat an eye when that truth came out.

Second, Ridge is the one who left his wife. Those annulment papers came to Brooke courtesy of his direction and he’s the one who got her to sign them. He’s also the one who didn’t take a breath and instead proposed to Taylor the same day and set his wedding for the following day. That’s all on Ridge, no one forced him to do a thing. So, while Thomas is going to have to swallow a lot when it comes to his own actions, I hope he gets to tell Ridge about himself as well.

I definitely can’t wait for the next episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, hopefully it brings along with it more interesting material for Brooke. The Logan sisters spending time with their father Stephen and his girlfriend Lucy was fine, but it didn’t really do much for any of the characters.

Sure, it gave us more ‘Poor Brooke’ moments meant to make us sympathize with her. And, it’s true that this whole mess was unfair to her, but if the soap isn’t gearing up to let her lay into Ridge for his poor behavior, then they can keep it.

I’m wishing for no heartfelt Bridge reunions in our future. But I’m absolutely sure their upcoming scenes are going to be fantastically angsty. Until next time, Bold fans. Stay beautiful!

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