The Bold and the Beautiful recap (Nov. 29): Will Ridge marry Taylor?

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The Bold and the Beautiful didn’t make too much progress today, but it did end with Taylor asking Ridge the most important question of the moment. Will he make her his wife? History isn’t on Taylor’s side, but there’s still a smidgen of hope that the story leans in her favor this time around. Though, I won’t be holding my breath.

Let the record show that Ridge has every right to be absolutely losing it over Thomas’ meddling in his marriage. His son overstepped so far that he can’t even see the line he crossed. And I do mean that seriously. All of Thomas’ emotional moments were about hurting his parents. He was responding to their heartbreak and tears not due to any remorse he holds in his heart.

Thomas isn’t sorry for what he did. That’s clear. He’s sorry that it created a situation where his mom’s heart is on the line and his father could be set to hurt them all once again. If he hadn’t made it his business to get Brooke out of their lives, and his father out of a toxic relationship, they wouldn’t be in this mess.

Now everything magical about Tridge’s reunion has been tainted by his scheme and, unfortunately, Taylor panicking and not telling Ridge immediately what Thomas had done. Though, in my book, that doesn’t let Ridge off the hook, and I was happy to see that Taylor feels the same way.

Here’s the full rundown of events from today.

What happened today on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Last recap, I said that I got deja vu watching Thomas once again be exposed for his scheming at a wedding. But, thankfully, we weren’t treated to the whole family telling Thomas how awful he is. Instead, his father got to tell him off and Thomas got to make a case for why he framed Brooke.

Much of the episode was spent on Ridge expressing his disappointment in Thomas. There was yelling and tears galore. Everyone else had cleared out, giving the family privacy to deal with the ramifications of the CPS call. Ridge told Thomas that he’d betrayed him not Brooke. Taylor added that it wasn’t Thomas’ place to pull his dad out of what he believes to be a bad relationship.

But the best part of this whole exchange was when Ridge realized that Taylor knew, and she confirmed it. From there, after she was able to gather the words she wanted to say, Taylor told her best friend and the love of her life that she wishes she could go back and tell him the truth.

She wishes she had made the choice to pull him to the side and explain what she’d learned moments prior. But it’s her wedding day. She wanted to believe that Ridge had been truthful about wanting to marry her because he loves her and it had nothing to do with anything Brooke had done. So, she panicked and she stayed quiet.

Steffy had to be the one to say something, which Ridge thanked her for because he’d stood in front of Brooke trying to get her to tell him what he thought was the truth and really she’d had no idea what he was talking about. There’s a tragedy in that that does need to be acknowledged because there’s a well of hurt that Bridge endured that they wouldn’t have had Thomas not interfered.

However, even knowing all of that, Taylor is still holding Ridge accountable for his own decisions regardless of how he was influenced. Because Thomas’ actions were his own, but they have nothing to do with the promises Ridge made to her.

I loved that Taylor got to stand in front of Ridge and take note of his feelings, express how sorry she and Thomas are, and then ask him out right if he’s going to keep his word and marry her. At the end of the day, their son’s scheme doesn’t give Ridge an out when it comes to everything he’s said to Taylor about wanting a life with her. The episode ended before Ridge answered, but I think we all have a feeling that Taylor’s not going to like what he has to say.

Ridge already started laying the ground work for putting his decision to go back to Brooke on Thomas and Taylor. Before his bride asked him directly about marrying her, he’d told her that the woman he fell in love with is honest. He went on to ask her why she didn’t say anything and, though she owned up to her decision and explained herself, Ridge may still try to say that she broke his trust and, therefore, he can’t marry her.

I hope that’s not the case because Ridge should take ownership of the choices he made just like his best friend and son. If this moment is really about accountability and integrity, then if he’s going to break Taylor’s heart, he should do so by being honest himself and not hiding behind what happened.

Elsewhere, the Logans took a minor break from talking about the Tridge wedding to talk about Katie’s budding romance with Carter. It all started with Brooke deciding to tell Katie that Bill made a play for her, but she already knew. Katie told her sisters about how she’d overheard Bill and Carter talking about her and the fierceness with which Carter spoke about his feelings.

It was nice getting to see the sisters talk about more than how Brooke feels with Ridge marrying Taylor. Though that’s not to say that they didn’t get to that as well. Donna and Katie urged Brooke not to give up hope and that fate always has a way of bringing her and Ridge back together. Considering what’s going on at Forrester Mansion, they may be right.

As for Deacon and Sheila, well, their scenes were nothing to write home about but they did set-up more disguise shenanigans. Apparently, Sheila’s been going some place during the day without telling Deacon and she’s purchased more wigs, so this storyline may finally be heating up soon.

Until next time, Bold fans. Stay beautiful!

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