January 6 weekend movies: Every new movie in theaters and streaming this weekend

M3gan, Photo credit: Geoffrey Short/Universal Pictures
M3gan, Photo credit: Geoffrey Short/Universal Pictures /

Welcome to the first weekend of the 2023 movie season! Below, we share the best new weekend movies to watch in theaters and available on streaming services that you won’t want to miss.

As I talk about movies throughout this month, you will probably hear a theme from me that we are entering a kind of dead month for movies. It’s typically when studios dump off films that they will try to make a little money off a big budget, or we see some movies that were limited releases in December for Oscar eligibility finally hitting theaters. This week, we have one big release in theaters and not much else.

Weekend movies to watch (and stream) today

  • M3gan, In Theaters
  • The Pale Blue Eye, Netflix
  • Firenado, VOD

Unless you live under a rock, you have seen M3gan on social media or even during the halftime of the Chargers game this past weekend. They have pushed this movie to the moon. We haven’t seen much success at the box office since Avatar: The Way of Water, and it’s the first real movie that has a chance to bring new people to the theaters.

M3GAN follows the story of a robotic toy company that builds life-like dolls that end up turning the world upside down. It looks like a grown-up or teenage version of Chucky with a creepier tone. I won’t lie and say that I’ve been excited from the first moment I saw a picture of the movie. The social media push for the film has only elevated my interest. I really just hope that it’s good.

The big release on streaming platforms is The Pale Blue Eye, written and directed by Scott Cooper. Cooper teams up with Christian Bale for the third time (Out of the Furnace, Hostiles) to bring to life the novel based on a story of a detective who is trying to solve a murder. While the film hasn’t gotten the best of reviews, I still think it’s worth checking out for Bale’s performance.

What will you be watching this weekend? Will you enjoy a movie in theaters or streaming? 

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