January 13 weekend movies: Every new movie in theaters and streaming this weekend

Tom Hanks is Otto Anderson in Columbia Pictures A MAN CALLED OTTO. Photo by: Niko Tavernise
Tom Hanks is Otto Anderson in Columbia Pictures A MAN CALLED OTTO. Photo by: Niko Tavernise /

I love Friday, it’s the best day of the week. It’s even better when you have a loaded slate of movies like we do this week. Below, we share the best new weekend movies to watch in theaters and available on streaming services that you won’t want to miss.

It was a bit of a surprise to me when I researched this article on the number of films that are set to come out this weekend. I mentioned before this is a bit of a dump-off month or a month where films that come out that studios aren’t sure about. This week, we’ve got Tom Hanks returning to the big screen, a big action movie on a plane, and a party happening.

Weekend movies to watch (and stream) today

  • A Man Called Otto, In Theaters
  • Plane, In Theaters
  • House Party, In Theaters
  • The Devil Conspiracy, In Theaters
  • Dog Gone, Netflix
  • The Drop, Hulu

When I tell you the biggest surprise of 2022 for me was A Man Called Otto, I mean it. I was blown away by how good this movie is. The story follows Otto (Tom Hanks), a grumpy old man who has thrown in the towel after the passing of his wife. However, Otto’s life is turned upside down when a spunky new neighbor (Mariana Treviño) and her family move into the neighborhood. While Hanks is great in the film, Treviño steals the show opposite of him. The movie is filled with so much raw emotion while making you laugh at the same time. It’s a must-see movie.

In the most simply titled film to jumpstart the year, Plane is coming out with Gerard Butler starring as a pilot who is forced to land his flight but finds himself in the middle of a warzone. Look, this movie will not be for everyone, but it will be for me. It’s the type of no-nonsense film that is perfect for the month of January.

After a massive shift from releasing in theaters to streaming on HBO Max to now back in theaters, the House Party remake is finally arriving. It’ll be interesting to see if the film can capture the magic the original had, but a comedy in January, let’s laugh together.

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What will you be watching this weekend? Will you enjoy a movie in theaters or streaming?