Will there be a sequel to Teen Wolf: The Movie?

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Teen Wolf: The Movie! Head to Paramount+ to stream the 2023 release.

Fans of Teen Wolf would have never guessed that the MTV original series would return as a film six years ago. After all, the story of Scott McCall and his friends seemed to be over, as they all went their separate ways to achieve their respective goals. However, now that the 2023 film has finally arrived at Paramount+, we can’t help but sympathize with fans who would love to see the epic story continue. But will we get a sequel? Or is this the final installment of Teen Wolf?

Here’s everything we know so far regarding whether there will be a Teen Wolf: The Movie 2!

Will there be a sequel to Teen Wolf: The Movie?

As of today, there are few updates about a Teen Wolf: The Movie sequel. We predict this is because the film has recently been released, so creators and producers are still reeling in all the rave reviews and demands. Even so, we think that Jeff Davis, the mastermind behind the series and film, has a few tricks up his sleeve for the future.

TV Line reports that Davis shared his hopes for a sequel in a way, specifically, when it came to the eventual reveal of Eli Hale’s, the son of Derek Hale, mother.

“The decision to not reveal is that it’s a story for another time,” Davis expressed. “I’m a child of single parents, and I really gravitate towards telling single-parent stories because I know that struggle personally.”

Needless to say, the media outlet asked Davis to divulge more of his plans, to which he said:

"I can tell you several other people are thinking about it [a sequel], the cast especially. When they came back, it was amazing to see how excited they were to do more. They didn’t just come back to do a job, or because the fans made them do it. They came back because they loved it. Whether there are more stories in my head to tell remains to be seen. Maybe I could find some new writers who have interesting stories and I could just oversee it all."

Tyler Posey also gave his opinion on the potential for a second movie…or another television series during Teen Wolf: The Movie‘s Press Day.

A sequel wouldn’t necessarily surprise us, as there are a few loose ends that definitely need to be tied up. One that comes to mind is the topic of Dylan O’Brien’s character, Stiles Stilinksi, and the grim fate that apparently awaits him.

Will Dylan O’Brien be in Teen Wolf: The Movie 2?

There’s a good chance Dylan O’Brien may return to the sequel, seeing that his former partner, Lydia Martin, hinted at the possibility of his character’s death. In the film, Martin speaks of her recurring dream where she and Stilinski are in a terrible car accident. She recalls Stilinksi dying and her somehow surviving. Because of her fear of her dream coming, she decided to part ways with her partner.

With this in mind, the chances of O’Brien reprising his role are likely. However, the ball remains in his court in the end. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more updates on Teen Wolf: The Movie!

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