Do the Daisy Jones and the Six cast play their instruments in the show?

Daisy Jones and The Six premieres March 3 on Prime Video
Daisy Jones and The Six premieres March 3 on Prime Video /

Ever since Daisy Jones and the Six premiered on Prime Video, we’ve been praying that the fictional band somehow becomes a reality so that we can go to their concert, jam out, and live happily ever after.

Sadly, the band isn’t real. However, we basically have the next best thing, as the 2023 show does a pretty amazing job of making us feel like we’re watching actual musicians rise to fame. And we have nothing but our talented actors and actresses to thank for that since they went all out to channel their inner rockstar.

Is the cast of Daisy Jones and the Six really playing their instruments?

Deadline reports that the cast of Daisy Jones and the Six didn’t rely on CGI, special effects, or stand-ins to make it seem like they knew their respective instruments. Rather, they each put in the hard work to learn how to play their instruments masterfully.

“I think the band really does exist, and it’s us,” Sebastian Chacon told the media outlet. “We played a considerable amount of time together. We really got to the point where we’re not only proficient and capable, but also very comfortable and we look like we’ve been playing together for a long time — because we have.”

Chacon and the rest of the cast reportedly put in over 17 months of practice into their roles, hence why every single detail, down to the placement of fingers on a guitar, is near perfect. The cast even worked with talented producers, which is all the more reason why the band feels extremely real. But we’re not the only ones that couldn’t separate real from fake, as the crew behind the title couldn’t help but become fans of the cast’s diligent efforts.

Lauren Neustadter, an executive producer behind the title, expressed:

"They were very disciplined, whether it was practicing guitar, whether it was working on their vocals, they would actually have lessons. They were really dialed in on honing their craft and the craft of their character. We then had in-person music rehearsals at Sound City, where we would have these jam sessions…and we would just watch them play and we were really in awe of what they were doing and how far they had come."

Safe to say that all that hard work paid off because it’s what brought us stunning songs like “Look At Us Now (Honeycomb)”.

If you can’t help but bop your head or sway to the beat, then head to Apple Music or Spotify Music to stream every song from the series. And, of course, head to Prime Video to stream Daisy Jones and the Six. New episodes release Fridays. The finale will be available to stream March 24.

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