Boston Strangler: Is the Record American a real newspaper?

The Boston Strangler from 20th Century Fox
The Boston Strangler from 20th Century Fox /

Newly released Hulu film Boston Strangler does tell the story of the murderer, but at the center of the production is the tale of two reporters who covered the crimes as they were happening. And there’s one in particular who was the first journalist to connect the dots.

That talented writer is Loretta McLaughlin, played by actress Keira Knightley in the movie. In the film, she enlists the help of her “colleague and confidante” fellow reporter Jean Cole, portrayed by actress Carrie Coon, per the synopsis. The two face sexism in the workplace but still do all they can to uncover the truth, even though it’s dangerous to do so.

The historical crime drama sees the duo working at a newspaper called the Record American. Is it a real publication or is it just made up? We’ve got the answer for you below!

Boston Strangler: Is the Record American a real newspaper?

The Record American was a real newspaper, named the Boston Record American at the time. It first began in 1846 as The Boston Herald. It’s one of the oldest daily newspapers in the U.S. and has received eight Pulitzer Prizes over the years. The publication has gone through a number of different names and owners, but the one relevant here is Boston Record American.

In 1961, the Boston American and Boston Record merged to become the Boston Record-American, which is when the real-life Mclaughlin and Coon published the stories about the real Boston Strangler. During this iteration it changed into a tabloid, which was successful. Today, it’s simply known as the Boston Herald.

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Boston Strangler is now streaming on Hulu.

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