Barry cast ages: How old was the cast then (and now)?

Barry season 3 on HBO, image courtesy HBO. Photograph by Merrick Morton/HBO
Barry season 3 on HBO, image courtesy HBO. Photograph by Merrick Morton/HBO /

The fourth and final season of HBO’s Barry drops on  Sunday, April 16. The comedy-drama left fans on the edge of their seats with a wild and intense final scene. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see where the final season picks up and learn what happens to Barry Berkman (Bill Hader).

If you’re not wanting to bump into spoilers here because you’re behind on the series, fear not! This post is completely spoiler-free so it’s safe to read on. However, we do suggest you catch up soon if you want to be able to watch the new season along with the rest of us. Seasons 1-3 are streaming on HBO Max.

Barry premiered on HBO back in March 2018, so while it doesn’t have a large number of season, a lot has changed since the first episode dropped. That said, we’re remembering the Barry cast ages then and now.

How old was Bill Hader in Barry season 1?

Bill Hader, co-creator and star, was 39 years old at the time season 1 was released. The star is also known for Documentary Now! and multiple appearances in comedies. Hader is now 44 years old.

How old was Stephen Root in Barry season 1?

When the first season of the HBO drama was filmed, Root was 66 years old. The actor has been in the business since the late 1980s and is widely known for various projects, including Harts of the West, Ladies Man, and Idiotsitter. Today, Root is 71.

How old was Sarah Goldberg in Barry season 1?

Sarah Goldberg was 32 when the first season was released, the actress is now 37. You may recognize her from Hindsight and The Night House. 

How old was Anthony Carrigan in Barry season 1?

The hilarious actor and series favorite was 35 at the time Barry season 1 filmed. Carrigan also starred in Gotham and The Forgotten. The actor is now 40 years old.

How old was Henry Winkler in Barry season 1?

Winkler was 71 years old during the first season of the HBO hit series. The actor has been in the business since the mid 1970s and is mostly known for Night Shift, Childrens Hospital, Royal Pains, and others. He is now 77 years old.

Don’t miss the premiere of season 4 on Sunday, April 16. Will you be watching as it airs on HBO or stream it on the HBO Max platform?

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