Succession season 4 episode 10 With Open Eyes review: A meal fit for a king

A photo from the production of episode 404 of “Succession”. Photo: David M. Russell/HBO ©2022 HBO. All Rights Reserved.
A photo from the production of episode 404 of “Succession”. Photo: David M. Russell/HBO ©2022 HBO. All Rights Reserved. /

We have reached the end of an era. The Succession run has lasted for 39 episodes, and over the last few months, we have seen the trickle-down effect of Logan Roy passing away. With each kid of the Roy family trying to take the crown, who ends up on top? Or do none of them end up at the top?

Spoilers ahead if you have not watched the series finale for Succession. 

The board is getting ready to meet, and Kendall discovers they might not have the votes. Shiv comes in to talk to Matsson, excited because they have the votes. Now they begin to discuss Tom, and he wants her opinion on what to do with him, and she is good either way. Shiv is overly talkative, while Matsson is awfully quiet but playing the game.

After leaving Matsson, Shiv calls Tom, who is pressing her on what is happening with Matsson. However, they both talk about what their future looks like together. Again, Shiv is doing plenty of talking, including asking Tom if he is interested in an honest to god relationship, and he responds with, “I don’t know.” Boy, Shiv is throwing herself all over the place right now, and it hurts my soul.

The gang is off to their moms to talk to Roman to check on him. Well, Kendall is trying to ensure that he’s got his vote. Roman is slightly banged up over the protest incident. Kendall arrives shortly after Shiv and is quite pushy. Everyone is trying to be civil, but Kendall says he promised he wouldn’t change his mind, but Roman gives it back to him. We see Roman storm away because Kendall won’t stop yelling at him. Their mom talks everyone into stay for dinner tonight.

Greg and Tom are talking about what might happen to them, and Tom calls him out, saying he will surely be out the door. These two are struggling with the mystery of what’s ahead with the possible movement of the big puzzle pieces.

Later, Matsson sits down with Tom and wants him to pitch himself to him. So, Tom proceeds to do so and truly knocks it out of the ballpark. Matsson tells him to discreetly keep what he is about to say and says that Shiv might be too pushy. However, he follows by saying, “I want to fuck her, and under the right circumstances, he thinks she would too.” He says he wants the man who put the baby inside her and isn’t looking for a partner but a frontman instead.

"We’re going to be okay, Greg. – Tom"

The trio of siblings are arguing about who has the biggest piece of the pie. Shiv is gloating, saying that she has won, and she tells them that she deserves it. Their mother chimes in and says that maybe they should sell the company. Kendall asks if this was all a setup. Greg overhears a man speaking Russian to Matsson about Shiv not being the person. In return, he calls Kendall to ask for something big in return for the news that he has. Of course, he agrees and breaks the news to him.

Succession leaves on one of the most beautifully written episodes in TV history

Kendall brings Roman and Shiv outside to talk business with him. He tells Shiv the news, and she doesn’t believe him. We also hear him say that her name was wiped from the deal, to which she tries to call him and does not get an answer. Shiv returns outside, and now they are trying to work out a deal with them. They discuss their plan with Tellis, who tells them off the record they would need to be a united front, and one person needs to be at the forefront, though. Roman mentions that Logan told him he would be the guy, proceeding that Kendall said he was promised when he was seven.

All of this leads to a pissing contest of who will be the company’s leader. Of course, Kendall wants to be the guy, and nobody, including us, is shocked. As Kendall hits the water, Roman and Shiv discuss the options for the path ahead. These two have one of the most grounded conversations I’ve seen them have in a long time. It was truly one of the most somber moments of the season. I loved it so much. Ultimately it leads to them agreeing to make Kendall the guy. This leads to them having a bonding moment making a meal fit for a king. This entire scene made me cry, I’m going to miss this damn family.

Connor and Willa are rearranging the house to prepare to move their own stuff in. We see video footage playing where it was weeks before Logan’s death when Logan, Karl, Geri, and Frank are all having the jolliest of times. The kids look on at the video and start to cry (as do I).

Tom arrives, and Shiv tells him about getting f***ed by Matsson. Of course, he acts shocked, pretending he doesn’t know they had the conversation about him taking over. In that moment, Tom reveals that it is him, and she snaps again. She storms into the room to tell Roman and Kendall and says it’s Tom and that it’s time for them to run the numbers.

"Why can’t it be me? – Roman"

This leads to Tom pulling Greg aside as he realizes that he gave them the heads up, and the two come to slapping blows. We see Tom call Matsson to tell him what the kids are up to, and he freaks out. The kids head back into the office to start gathering up the numbers. Roman sees Geri and begins to unravel relatively fast. In yet another incredible acting moment from Kieran Culkin, who has been downright brilliant as Roman this season. My goodness, he better win the Emmy for this season.

We see Kendall grab Roman by the face, hurting him, and they wrestle momentarily. Shiv storms out of the room, and Kendall continues to pitch Roman about flipping someone else. Kendall walks back into the room to try to change things, but they let him know that the vote and the 7-6 Gojo deal are in place.

Tom has walked into the building as the new man in charge. Everyone walks in and congratulates him. Greg walks in and tries to figure out his place in the company, and Tom says he is done. We see Roman come inside to sign off on the deal with Matsson. The deal is official now. Tom gets in the car with Shiv, and she tells him congratulations. And he reaches out his hand, and she gently puts it on his as they ride off.

Overall, Succession leaves on one of the most beautifully written episodes of television history. Honestly, this season has been somewhat rocky since the third episode, as I thought they were treading wheels, but this episode and send-off was done so perfectly. I laughed, I cried, and I felt slightly empty knowing that this would be the last time we get to watch the Roy family.

Succession season 4 episode 10 is available on HBO now. 

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