Greta Gerwig’s Barbie is what movie dreams are made of

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Greta Gerwig’s Barbie is what movie dreams are made of. An absolute delight from start to finish, Margot Robbie brings Barbie to life in this must-see summer picture. From the vibrant visuals to the soundtrack, Gerwig spared no expense creating this work of art. Need more reasons to watch the movie? Read on.

Barbie transports audiences to Barbie Land, a colorful world where women rule and every day is a party. We meet all variations of Barbies and Kens (and just one Allan) as they go about their perfect day of fake eating, dancing, and Beach. Lots of Beach. Nothing can ruin their vibe or interrupt their choreographed dance number. Well, except maybe an existential crisis. After the random thought of death crosses Barbie’s mind, it’s a downhill of events for the once happy doll.

To restore order, Barbie travels to the real world for answers. In the human world, women are in charge and everyone lives in sweet harmony — or so Barbie has been led to believe. Boy, is she in for a shocker!

If you haven’t watched Barbie in theaters, please note this review contains no spoilers! But do make plans to watch this movie ASAP.

Barbie doesn’t sit us down to preach feminism using tired cliches

Going in, I was excited to see the crazy talented Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. I knew the two would share great chemistry and make a fantastic duo. I wasn’t wrong. I was also expecting the story to be somewhat superficial, a colorful ride with many laughs, but not a strong or meaningful story. I was wrong. Barbie promotes empowerment and inclusivity in a beautiful and refreshing way.

The story doesn’t sit us down to preach feminism using predictable cliches. Instead, Gerwig takes our hand and walks us through it. The messages about the complexity of being a woman come to us in a way that is not depressing or disheartening, but empowering and full of optimism. Making viewers (women, in particular) angry about the state of the world would be the easy way to do things. But through her film, Gerwig asks “what does anger and resentment solve?” Gerwig takes a different route, heavily investing on the audience, knowing we are worth a story full of both style and substance.

The cast of Barbie is pure perfection

Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach thought of it all. The cast is pure perfection. From the amazing Margot Robbie down toJohn Cena as Ken Merman Doll, every character is a joy to watch. Some of my favorite scene stealers are Michael Cera as Allan (Hey Mattel Films, can we get an Allan spin-off, please?), comedy king Will Ferrell as the CEO Of Mattel, and Kate McKinnon as Weird Barbie. You know what? There are just too many to mention!

Ryan Gosling’s lines will make you LOL. He is so fun. Is there any role Gosling can’t flawlessly take on? The rivalry between Gosling’s Ken and Simu Liu’s Ken is gold.

To top things off (as if we need more to declare Barbie the movie of the summer), the soundtrack is a hit! Thank you, Gerwig, for our new summer playlist. The Barbie soundtrack features a fun mix of original songs and classic favorites!

Barbie is insightful and hilarious, two movie elements Gerwig and Noah Baumbach blend perfectly together in this must-see movie that is essential viewing for the modern audience.

Barbie is in theaters Friday, July 21, with showtimes available in most theaters as early as tonight, July 20. The movie is rated PG-13 for suggestive references and brief language, both of which will go over any young minds, so feel free to bring the kiddos to this one! However, they may not be fully entertained as the target audience are teens and up.

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