Is Allan (Michael Cera) in the Barbie movie a real doll?

Barbie. Courtesy of Warner Media.
Barbie. Courtesy of Warner Media. /

Barbie, the film of the summer, hits theaters July 21. The much talked about movie has a star-studded cast embodying iconic Mattel dolls that have graced toy chests, shelves, likely some sandboxes, and the bottom of packed closets.

Since trailers for the movie started being released, prospective fans have been trying to spot which actor has stepped into the shoes of well-known or rare dolls. Among those spotted have been Michael Cera as a glaring figure standing in the background of a group shot. Interestingly, he’s not credited as one of the Kens. Like the Barbies, the Ken dolls are a dime a dozen but Cera character is the lone Allen. Who is this and why aren’t there more versions of him in Barbie Land? Here’s what we know!

Was Barbie’s Allan a real Mattel doll?

Yes, Allan was a part of Mattel’s Barbie doll line. According to the Barbie Fandom Wiki, the doll was introduced in 1964 and was named after the son-in-law of the co-founder of Mattel, Ruth Handler. His big selling point was that he was Ken’s friend and that he could fit Ken’s clothes, making it easy for children to swap outfits between the two dolls.

Allan was paired with Midge, Barbie’s best friend. The two dolls lost to time have been on-and-off the market since their introductions. It’s likely that Allan is the only one in the film because his original version was discontinued after 1965, which is the version shown in the movie.

The rest of the the doll’s iterations are named Alan, and it’s this version that was put with Midge for 2002’s Barbie Happy Family line which caused a stir due to Midge being pregnant. The married couple and their son, Ryan, were sold together with the intention that parents would be able to use them to help model family situations for their children. However, the line was criticized for promoting teen pregnancy and it was pulled from Walmart.

Watch the clip of Michael Cera as Allan below:

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