American Horror Story: The 10 most hated characters in the entire series

American Horror Story: Delicate -- Pictured: Emma Roberts as Anna Alcott. CR: Frank Ockenfels/FX
American Horror Story: Delicate -- Pictured: Emma Roberts as Anna Alcott. CR: Frank Ockenfels/FX /

To celebrate the arrival of an all-new American Horror Story season on FX (season 12 aka AHS: Delicate), it’s the perfect time to look back at 13 of the most hated American Horror Story characters.

It’s true that the 2023 Fall TV season looks different from what we are used to. Many shows are delayed and won’t be coming out until 2024. Fortunately, we can still count on Ryan Murphy’s AHS. However, it’s no secret that the last several seasons of the horror anthology series have not been winners. In fact, I couldn’t even finish watching season 11. Still, the AHS fandom is extremely loyal and will be seated to see what AHS: Delicate is all about. Fingers crossed that the hype is real.

Shows such as American Horror Story are designed to creep us out and make audience feel uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean the overall story and the acting are overlooked. Luckily, Ryan Murphy has never disappointed when it comes to the cast. The story, on the other hand? Hit and miss. One thing’s for sure, there will always be a character who stand out from the rest — and not in a good way!

We’ve seen lists that share the best AHS characters, as well as the worst, the most frightening, you name it! But what about the most hated characters? Now, this doesn’t have to be a villain. There have been plenty of “good-guy” roles we can’t stand. In our list below, we offer a fun mix of both.

The 10 most hated American Horror Story characters

#10 Madison Montgomery from Coven 

Judge and hate me, but I actually love Madison. The Emma Roberts character didn’t have the best upbringing. She’s been hurt, abused, and is simply misunderstood. And, in the end, she came through, didn’t she? I’m only adding Madison to this list because I know the character is on many viewer’s “most hated” lists, sadly.

Coven‘s Madison Montgomery is a mean girl. Some may even call her a bully. Madison is only ever looking out for herself and she’s not afraid to sacrifice or hurt anyone who gets in her way. But can you blame her? No one has ever put Madison first, either. Every woman for herself, I say!

#9 Dell from Freak Show

I’m going to keep this one super short…Dell (Michael Chiklis) kills Ma Petite (Jyoti Kisange Amge), enough said!

#8 Kai from Cult

Listen, I love Evan Peters and I know the AHS fandom does, as well. But can we all agree that Kai is the worst character he has ever played? As a whole, this season was just not it. On the bright side, Kai making it on this list only speaks to what a brilliant actor Peters is.

#7 Dandy Mott from Freak Show

Freak Show‘s Dandy Mott (portrayed by Finn Wittrock) is insufferable! What. A. Brat. And a heartless one at that. As much as I love Wittrock, watching Dandy’s death carried out by the “freaks,” was very satisfying.

#6 Alma Gardner from Double Feature

I’m sure the young star Ryan Kiera Armstrong is lovely, and hey, just like Peters, if her character makes this list, it only means she did a great job portraying a terrible character. Audiences are always judging child characters the most, both in shows and movies, and I’d say Alma tops the list here. What a pretentious, selfish, evil child!

#5 Penny’s Father from Freak Show 

Parents can be the worst…but can they beat Penny’s dad from Freak Show? I don’t think so. As if disowning his own daughter wasn’t enough, he disfigures Penny’s face. It’s so sad to see. Penny deserved better.

#4 Ivy Mayfair-Richards from Cult

From Ivy’s awful haircut to the fact that she was cool with traumatizing her son in order to destroy her wife, there’s nothing to like about Alison Pill’s Cult character. And the gaslighting? Don’t get me started. In the end, Ivy gets what she deserves, and that’s about the only satisfying thing about her.

#3 Pepper’s brother-in-law (and her sister, too) from Asylum 

Sweet Pepper deserved the world! Rita Gayheart (played by Mare Winningham) reluctantly took in her sister, Pepper, but treated her horribly, especially after giving birth to a deformed baby. Wanting to get rid of both, Rita and her husband Larry Gayheart (Matthew Glave) decide to murder the baby and blame Pepper, which results in her ending up in an asylum.

#2 Dr. Arthur Arden from Asylum 

Asylum is one of my favorite seasons (probably my number one), but every scene with Dr. Arden made me sick. From conducting human experiments for fun to taking pleasure in others pain, Arden is evil personified.

#1 Delphine LaLaurie from Coven

Almost 10 seasons have come after AHS: Coven, yet no character has been worse or more hated than Delphine LaLaurie, played by Kathy Bates. Asylum‘s Dr. Arthur Arden comes pretty close, but the main reason we give the top spot to LaLaurie is she is based on a real person, now how scary and depressing is that?

At the time of this writing, we are only one episode into the latest season, American Horror Story: Delicate, so we have yet to see if any of the characters in this season will eventually make this list! Stay tuned!

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